Review : Freshkon Dezigner lens

I have been eyeing on cosmetic color lenses since years ago. But somehow I have never tried one because I am quite choosy when it comes to lenses. It’s important to choose a good quality lenses that wouldn’t harm my eyes and hence I haven’t tried any one of them until recently, I found out that my favorite contact lenses company – FreshKon has launched the new Dezigner range. Yay, now I could try on a color lenses without worrying spoiling my eyes!
My first choice was Aqua Solitaire because I always wondered how I would look like with a pair of blue eyes that most European are having. To my surprise, it looks stunning and unique on me.
I get compliments from friends and even strangers whenever I wear FreshKon Dezigner Aqua Solitaire lenses! Everyone is asking me what lenses am I wearing because my eyes is sparkle and very attractive.
Guess what, my beauty advisor almost couldn’t recognize me the other day and she said I look like Rosie Alice Huntington with the lenses! Oh My God, do I really look like the pretty hot model? hahaha.

I can’t leave home without wearing FreshKon Dezigner lenses ever since I tried it. I have fall in love with FreshKon Dezigner lenses because it is cool yet comfortable! I am wearing it 8 hours a day but my eyes never feel dry or itchy, guess it’s because it contains 55% water content. I am a happy and satisfied FreshKon Dezigner lenses now.
FOTD featuring RMK cream base & foundation, Jill Stuart Loose Powder N 101 Twinkle Dust, Jill Stuart mix blush compact in 106 sprouting joy, Lancome liquid eye liner, Lancome Doll Mascara & MAC Sheen Supreme lip glass in Cherry Fest.
FreshKon Dezigner lenses are available in 4 stunning shades for different personality.
FreshKon Dezigner is monthly lenses selling at RM 65 per box(one pair). They are having promotion nationwide now, buy 2 boxes free 1 box.

It’s unique, it’s groovy, it’s stunning, it’s personal. FreshKon Dezigner – My Design, My Signature!

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