[For Female Only]: Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor Muscles with Vibrance Kegel Device

I was thankful to be invited to the Vibrance Kegel Device event recently. I have learned a lot from Vibrance Kegel Device event and would like to share with all my sisters out there, this very important information that matters to you, and me.
Many women do not know the importance of their pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic Floor muscles weaken for similar reasons to other muscles in our bodies like natural aging and inactivity. However, these particular muscles are further weakened through hormonal changes in women’s bodies and especially after pregnancy and childbirth. Factors such as additional weight from pregnancy can put pressure on them resulting damaging your pelvic floor muscles. It is recommended that every women exercise their Pelvic Floor muscles twice daily in order to keep them fit and healthy, maintaining a beautiful you both inside and out.
Pelvic Floor exercises are important for many benefits as stated below:

- Avoid & Treat Urinary Stress Incontinence : Involuntary urine leakage due to weakness in Pelvic Floor muscles, making it difficult for bladder muscle to stay closed during sudden increases in abdominal pressure, such as while coughing, laughing, sneezing, or lifting a heavy object.
- Many women are not aware that incontinence is a treatable condition and often suffer in silence accepting it as a natural process of life.

- In 1998, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that bladder control problems affect more than 200 million people worldwide.
- Study published in the British Medical Journal in 1999 said that “Pelvic Floor Exercises are more effective than electrical stimulation, vaginal cones and no treatment for women with genuine stress incontinence. As such, exercise seems to be safe and effective it should be offered as first choice of treatment for genuine stress incontinence.”

- Highlight the social and psychological consequences due to incontinence.
Urinary incontinence can have a profound impact in your quality of life by:

• Shying away from social conditions

• Loss of self – esteem

• Anxiety and depression
• Toilet mapping (knowing where toilets are beforehand when going to a place)
• Decreased sexual contact

• Reduce liquid intake

• Giving up hobbies that require physical exertion

• Extra financial cost for medication and diapers

• Avoiding long distance travelling

• Adapting to a less active lifestyle

- Childbirth & Pregnancy ( Pregnancy and delivery directly stretches and weakens the Pelvic Floor, causing urine control difficulties for months to years after childbirth.)Strong Pelvic Floor Muscles play a big role in giving you a safe and healthy pregnancy , the Pelvic Floor muscles have to carry the additional weight of the baby and during childbirth. The Pelvic Floor muscles help to push the baby out , ensuring smooth delivery.

- Prevent Pelvic Organ Prolapse (pelvic organs sag and fall into the vaginal canal : painful and requires surgery)

- Natural aging and menopause, we are bound to get there. Hormonal changes during menopause can further weaken our Pelvic floor muscles, strengthening them can make menopause a less daunting experience by avoiding incontinence and organ prolapse.

- Alternative to medication, surgery and adult diapers, do you really want to be wearing adult diapers for the rest of your life? Costs of surgery and medication is expensive and does not guarantee permanent treatment.
- Significant decrease in sexual health due to weak Pelvic floor muscles. Active sexual lifestyle should not decrease after having children. Exercising these lovely muscles can increase sexual satisfaction not only for our partners but for ourselves. This is because satisfaction for both partners often depends on good tone in muscles surrounding the vagina. The Pelvic Floor muscles are directly responsible for contracting rhythmically during orgasms. Weak and flabby muscles are less sensitive during sex due to inefficient blood flow and nerve supply to the pelvic region.

The Kegel Exercises was established in 1948 by Dr. Arnold Kegel, Kegel Exercises have proven to be the safest and most effective set of exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle.

Women are advised to practice Kegel Exercises regularly as part of a routine fitness plan, as pelvic floor muscles will naturally weaken due to aging, childbirth and pregnancy, lack of exercise, and menopause.

Statistics show that one in three women who ever had a baby wet themselves. In fact, the moreThrough Kegel exercises, women can avoid painful and embarrassing conditions such as incontinence, organ prolapse while enjoying the benefits of being confident, in control and enhancing their sexual intimacy.
babies you have, the more chance there is that you will leak urine.

Introducing to all female: Bioinfinity’s Vibrance Kegel Device

The Vibrance Kegel Device aims to overcome these challenges and assist women to get the most of the Kegel Exercises comfortably and effectively.

Providing Accurate Biofeedback
- The Vibrance Kegel Device uses a precisely calibrated electrical circuit that is closed only when the correct muscle group is exercised. When the electrical circuit is closed, a vibration motor is triggered. The vibration stimulates the wall of the pelvic floor muscles itself, giving the user a direct sensation on the area of exercise. This direct feedback loop is easily intuitive to the users mind, allowing the user to rapidly identify the correct muscle group to be exercised when performing the Kegel Exercises.
- This confidently ensures the user is exercising the correct muscle, saving your time and effort.

Providing Progressive Resistance Challenge
- The Vibrance Kegel Device uses resistance sheaths to vary the resistance. All of the sheaths have the exact same size and shape and thickness, which guarantees that no matter which level of difficulty the user is using, the level of comfort and safety is maintained.
- The resistance sheaths have graduated levels of stiffness, which increase the challenge of the exercises while still being delicate and protective of the fragile and potentially damaged pelvic floor muscles.
- Resistance is key in Kegel Exercise as it allows the user to steadily build up pelvic floor muscle strength.
- This also helps you measure your increase in pelvic floor muscle strength as the user moves from an easier level to a harder one.

Manufactured with Top Grade Materials
- The sheath for the Vibrance Kegel Device uses Medical Grade Silicone Rubber which is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.
- This is the best possible material to ensure the safety and comfort of its users.

Audio Guided Training
- The Vibrance Kegel Device has a programmed audio guided interval feature. When activated, women can simply follow the devices audio beeps to perform the Kegel Exercises, thus not having to memorize the number of repetitions and count interval timings.
- This makes the Kegel Exercises much easier and convenient to perform, allowing the women to reap the benefits of Kegel Exercises without hassle. Alternative to surgery, medication, adult diapers and pads.
- The Vibrance Kegel Device helps you save in the long run by avoiding the inconvenience and costs associated with treating problems related to weak pelvic floor muscles.

Waterproof and easy to clean
- The Vibrance Kegel Device comes with the Vibrance Cleanser and Vibrance Lubricant.
- To clean, just use the Vibrance cleanser and water.

Compact and portable
- With it's compact and lightweight design, there is no excuse to miss your exercise routine anymore.
- The Vibrance Kegel Device now follows you wherever you go, making routine exercises more convenient to maintain.

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Stay tuned for my Vibrance Kegel Device review after a month. ;)

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