Tea Party with Trudy & Teddy

Yay, Trudy & Teddy is organising a Tea Party with it's fans in coming 20th May. How excited am I and lil JR.
Trudy & Teddy is a Malaysian brand that provides comfortable and stylish clothes for babies and kids. JR and I are Trudy & Teddy supporter since she was born. We love Trudy & Teddy's style that easily makes every babies a super star. JR always got compliments whenever she put on her Trudy & Teddy's dress & shirt. Most importantly, JR feels very comfortable to put on Trudy & Teddy cloth one whole day because Trudy & Teddy only uses finest material.

Sweet, cute, cool, rock, gentleman.... any style, any taste, you would satisfied by Trudy & Teddy.

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