New! NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine

I am a coffee junkie, I can’t live without coffee. I drink coffee everyday even when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. Over the years, there are many new cafes open in Malaysia. I heard that in fact, there are more than 100 cafes open every year! It has shifts’ consumers from traditional to modern coffees. However, it is indeed an expensive expense to go café every day. Imagine paying RM 15 for a cup of coffee every day, 1 year it will cost RM 5475 at least! And that’s only for one person.
I had planned to buy a coffee machine but the ones in the market are quite expensive, plus the capsules are also expensive and not easy to get. Hence, when Involve Asia invited me to their NESCAFE event recently, I was excited to find out more on the latest invention from NESCAFE.
Introducing the NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine, a brand new coffee machine that is affordable and easy to use. NESCAFE created the Gold Barista Machine with an intention to spend additional income on innovations, and redefining the coffee experience for the public.
Click to view the video of how NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine works.

NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine works together with NESCAFE Gold Blend that is made with high quality Arabica & Robusta beans, which offers distinctive aroma, and using freeze dried coffee (premium technology). NESCAFE Gold Blend is available in big and small glass jar, and a refill pack. We could easily buy it at convenient store, grocery and supermarket. Note the machine only works with NESCAFE Gold Blend.
NESCAFE Gold Blend

NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine is a modern coffee system requiring no capsules that reveals the full potential of NESCAFE Gold with 1 touch. It offers 1 simple touch to 5 styles of coffee: Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Cappuccino and Latte. Even my daughter knows how to brew a café-style coffee with this machine now.
5 styles of coffee: Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Cappuccino and Latte

We could add in milk, sugar, or coffee mate based on our preference. A milk measurement cup is comes with the machine for us to measure the milk needed to make Cappuccino and Latte. For milk coffee, simply pour fresh milk into our coffee cup and a hot water jet swiftly froths the milk before coffee is added – producing a delectable cuppa in next to no time.
Everyone could now become our own Barista at home and enjoy a cup of rich and aromatic coffee in the comfort of our own home. The NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine in Metal Red color has becomes a superstar in my house. It has added a luxurious feel for my home decoration, while also a cool gadget to make coffee for our friends and family.
NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine is available at LAZADA at RM239 for Nescafe Barista Machine + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend 200gm Jar + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend Refill Pack 170gm. It is really affordable and convenient because we could enjoy delivered right to our doorstep. NESCAFE Gold Barista Machine comes with 2 years warranty, where we could call the NESCAFE team for home services at any time.

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Sherry said...

love Nescafe gold its very good. love to use it daily.

Sherry said...

have this machine at home too. drink it with a touch get my coffee.

Isaac Tan said...

it looks super cool and sleek. pity i don't quite enjoy coffee.. if not this would be the best gift for myself :D

Nicholas Ng said...

I can't live without coffee to be honest. I have always wanted one of these machines.

Pen My Blog said...

What a lovely product Rane - would love to have one of these at home for coffee :) Plus the design is really sophisticated as well :)

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

I do not drink coffee that much but this is a great product to have for those who do... I like the design... so classy....

Ivy Kam said...

This is so convenient, I need one at my home too :)

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