UNIQLO LifeWear Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

When you hear "classics," what comes to mind? Maybe a tweed jacket, trench coat, or cashmere sweater, beloved items that have stood the test of time.
But even these longstanding classics can evolve over the years. Warmer and lighter jackets, water-repellent coats, and knitwear made using WHOLEGARMENT® technology. These updates maintain an authentic look while adapting to the needs of today's lifestyle.
The lineup also features denim that requires much less water*, jackets made using recycled down, and fleeces spun from plastic bottles, items that will guide us toward a sustainable future.
UNIQLO has taken a balanced and holistic approach, creating essentials that are made for all. By designing classics for today that will last into the future, UNIQLO makes LifeWear for today and for tomorrow.

UNIQLO has expanded its collection of outerwear to suit a wide range of lifestyles and settings, from shirt jackets handy in early fall, to chic wool coats. The lineup includes warm down and padded cotton rich, with functionality to fit any style. These are items that enhance the enjoyment of fashion.

Brushed Jersey Shirt Jacket
The updated silhouette provides a slender look with the same comfortable fit. The jacket can be paired with pants in the same material to create a matching outfit with a melange-tone look and refined texture.

BLOCKTECH Relaxed Half Coat
This coat creates a casual impression by using cotton in the outer material, while retaining the same high functionality. A removable hood and drawstring waist allow for variation in form and silhouette.

Ultra Light Down Shiny Puffer Jacket
The shiny material and overstuffed shape of this short-length jacket accelerates its trendy, stylish look. The boxy silhouette matches well with high-rise bottoms.

Utility Jacket
This relaxed fit coverall is perfect for fall. The outer material in either cotton or denim has a work-style washed finish. Both types are stretchable for a comfortable fit.

MA-1 Blouson
This American casual standard item is finished in an on-trend puffy style with functional materials for comfort that matches modern lifestyle. This jacket offers durable water-repellent functionality and an exceptionally lightweight feel.


Continually evolving knitwear is a UNIQLO masterpiece. This season the highest quality has been achieved by employing the latest in knitting technologies, further refining the silhouette and enhancing comfort. The varied knitted fabrics and a rich lineup of colors add flair to outfits, accentuating the individuality of the wearer.
WOMEN’s 3D Cashmere
These knits combine the soft and supple feel of cashmere with non-constricting and relaxed WHOLEGARMENT® seamless knitting technology, delivering a more comfortable and precise fit. WHOLEGARMENT is a registered trademark of SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

Soufflé Yarn / Soufflé Yarn Smooth
Soufflé yarn, popular for its soft and smooth feel, is being offered in must-see coats and cardigans that convey an on-trend style just by wearing them. The MENS line features sweaters with a Fair Isle design.

Extra Fine Merino
New additions to the women’s lineup this season include a clean-cut half-length sleeve ribbed mock neck sweater and ribbed short cardigan. The beautiful luster and smooth feel stand out in the simple designs, adaptable for wear in myriad combinations.

Low Gauge Knit
The traditional designs and patterns of this series, such as cable crew neck sweaters and Fair Isle sweaters, pair well with the simple texture. These are items that can be thrown on and still radiate a starring presence.

This season, UNIQLO focuses on trendy and fresh-style wide pants. The wide range of variations and styles includes everything from clean-looking pleated pants to casual baggy jeans. This is a lineup for everyone to discover a forever piece to complete their preferred style.

Pleated Wide Pants
The just-right wide silhouette and single pleat creates an item that radiates a neat impression. The elastic waist makes for a clean silhouette around the waist, suitable for a dressier style.

Baggy Jeans
Jointly developed with Kaihara, these are 100% denim jeans in non-stretch soft cotton. Along with a mid-rise freshness, these jeans have a baggy silhouette that draws a beautiful straight line from the waist to the ankles.

Drape Flare Pants
The flared silhouette and drape of these pants accentuates the molding of a lovely waistline. The colorful lineup includes pink and green, adding a pleasant accent to any outfit.

Wide Fit Work Pants
These painter pants with pockets on both sides have been finished in the wide silhouette style popular this season. The moleskin material with its distinctively soft feel adds an element of warmth suited to fall and winter.

Pleated Tapered Pants
The clean texture and pleats on these wide tapered pants create an attractive drape and silhouette. The comfortable fit provided by the two-way stretch material and elastic waist is an appealing feature.

Sport utility wear for today’s varied and ever-changing individual lifestyles provide solid support with the functionality required in many different settings, from sports and outdoors to everyday wear. This lineup of simple and highly functional casual wear provides comfort, and is suitable for outfit styling and layering.

DRY Sweat Cropped Full Zip Parka & Pleated Tapered Pants
DRY Sweat Relax Crew Neck Shirt

This sweat series with an attractive glossy dry texture includes a casual full zip parka that can be matched with pleated tapered pants in the same material to heighten the clean impression. New for this season are split raglan sleeves, and a 3D cocoon silhouette shirt.

HEATTECH Warm Easy Pants

These versatile pants with functionality for warm and ease of movement fit snuggly at the waist for easier wear. The finely tapered silhouette creates a lovely leg line, without sacrificing warmth.
Windproof Outer Fleece Parka & Jacket
An ultrathin 0.008mm windproof film keeps out the cold while maintaining softness and comfort. The parka features a clean-looking design with a waistline turn in the shell and seams on the inside. The distinctive rounded silhouette of this jacket provides a versatility extending from outdoor use to casual wear.

Stretch DRY Sweat Pull Parka & Pants
The cotton-like surface, smooth texture, and refined silhouette of these items makes them adaptable for everything from sports to daily wear. The comfortable fitted 3D hood and other details make these must-see items.

Sustainability initiatives are a key part of UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy and continue to evolve and grow each season. UNIQLO is committed to making strides to protect the future of the planet. such as with recycled down and BlueCycle jeans that support the efficient use of resources and providing Repair Studios to extend the useful life of items.

Fluffy Yarn Fleece
The ratio of recycled polyester in 2021 Fall/Winter items was 30%, but for the 2022 Fall/Winter collection has been increased to 100% for the outer material in all items for men, women, and kids. The variation of items has also been expanded.

Recycled Down
Alongside its previous measures, from this season UNIQLO has collected end material left over from the production process at factories, as well as used fishing nets to make the recycled nylon used as raw material in the outer shell and lining of down items.

Responsible Rayon
In accordance with Fast Retailing’s policy on material procurement, around 20 women’s items utilize responsible rayon material which were sourced from forests certified for nature conservation.
Repair Studio
The Repair Studio project providing clothing repairs and remake services to extend the useful life of favorite items, is already underway in markets such as the U.S., UK and Germany, and will be successively rolled out in other countries.

BlueCycle Jeans
Nearly all the blue jeans in the UNIQLO lineup, notably slim flare jeans and baggy jeans, are BlueCycle jeans. The production technology continues to evolve, including reducing by up to 99% the water used during the finishing process, compared to conventional methods.*

* Data is based on a comparison of MENS Regular Fit Jeans between 2017 and 2018. Water savings varies by product.

For more information about UNIQLO and Fast Retailing, please visit www.uniqlo.com and www.fastretailing.com.

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