All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Steamboat Pork Free Buffet @ Setia City Palace 8

Are you feeling like treating yourself to a full spread of good food and eating till your heart's content? Setia City Palace 8's all-you-can-eat BBQ steamboat pork free buffet menu is the perfect way to fulfil your cravings.
Be spoilt for choices at this new Setia City Palace 8 BBQ Steamboat pork free (they are applying on HALAL certificate) Chinese restaurant located at the Ground Floor of Setia City Convention Centre. Operated since June 2022, Setia City Palace 8 is the newest Chinese restaurant at Setia City area. The restaurant is located near the Setia City Convention Centre entrance next to Setia City Shopping Mall. Hence shoppers can easily walk to the restaurant under covered walkway.
We like the spacious and clean restaurant. It offers individual electric hot pot and BBQ grill for small table for four and also large table for 10 people. Be spoilt for choices as it offers more than 50 types of food which includes meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles.

First, the Steamboat Soup Base. They offer 5 types of soups here:

Palace Chicken Stock Soup
Palace Special Tomato Soup
Korean Kimchi Soup
Thai Tom Yam Soup
Satay Lok Lok
The Soup is priced at RM15 per soup base and it could be for individual pot or whole table pot. This is surcharge on top of the buffet price.
For Sliced Poultry, they offer American Beef Slices and Lamb Slices. This will be served to your table and you can order ala-carte as part of the buffet, no additional charges for it.
For Skewers, there are 18 food varieties for available and they are:

Fresh King Prawn
Tiger Prawn
Black Pepper Chicken
Marinated Beef
Marinated Lamb
Dorman Fish
Beancurd Skin
Black Pepper Sausage
Golden Mushroom Ham Wrap
Japanese Beancurd
Pumpkin Slice
Baby Sweet Corn
Oyster Mushroom
Fish Roll
Stuffed Bean Curd Skin
The skewers can be deep fried by the chef over the counter. You choose the skewers and they will deep fried for you and serve to your table.
For Seafood, they offer eight types of seafood and they are:

Fresh King Prawn
Tiger Prawn
Sea Clam
Razor Clam
Jelly Fish
Shelled Scallop
Dorman Fish

All the s
eafood offered here are XL sizes and most importantly, they are so fresh. From the huge shelled scallop to king prawns and tiger prawns, they taste fresh and delicious.

For Steamboat Ingredients, they offer 10 food items, namely:
Bean Curd Skin Roll
Lobster Ball
Cheese Ball
Tri Bean Curd Roll
Fish Roe Bag
Fish Roe Ball
Stuffed Lady Finger
Stuffed Green Chili
Stuffed Red Chili
Fish Roll

For Vegetables, they offer 13 types of greens listed below;
Chinese Cabbage
Sweet Corn
Lotus Root
You Mak
Fresh Mushroom
Oyster Mushroom
Enoki Mushroom

Lastly, they also offer four types of instant noodles for eaters as listed below;
Spinach Noodle
HK Noodle
Carrot Noodle

They also serve fried rice and fried mee hoon, which taste so good we had refilled them twice.

For sauces, they offer prawn paste chili sauce, sesame sauce, yellow chili sauce, Thai spicy chili sauce, Palace Chef Specialist Made Mixed Chili sauce with coriander, crispy minced garlic, fried shallot, spring onion and chili.
For drinks, they offer water, coffee, tea, teh tarik and juices.

The dessert here includes Polar Ice Cream, Ais Krim Potong, Mango Sago in shot glasses, fresh fruits, mini pao, waffles and mochi.
Read on to find out our verdict on the Setia City Palace 8 BBQ Steamboat Pork Free Buffet.

The restaurant is fully air conditioned with bright, clean and spacious 
ambiance. It feels very comfortable and relaxing dining here.

We have tried their 4 soup base included Palace Chicken Stock Soup, Palace Special Tomato Soup, Thai Tom Yam Soup and Satay Lok Lok.

I like the Palace Special Tomato Soup as the taste is not too strong so you can enjoy the taste of the food.

The service here is good as they always come and refill the broth. You can also choose from 1 soup to four soups based on your preferences.

Beside the hotpot, there is the BBQ grill section. Here you can grill the skewers, meat or seafood. It is up to your preferences.

You can BBQ grill the skewers, dipped into hotpot or let the chef deep fried them. We like the deep fry the skewers as they taste crispy and delicious!

Enjoy their American Beef Slices and Lamb Slices 
Sliced Poultry that will be served on your table and you can order this again without extra charges. Just lightly dipped these on the hotpot and complement it with the sauce, this taste so good especially with their sesame sauce.
Now come to my personal favourite part, the huge and fresh seafood. I like that they provide high quality seafood, either you grilled it or cook it with hotpot. They taste fresh, juicy and so

We ended our sumptuous dinner with mochi and a glass of yummy teh tarik. So satisfying!

Overall, we enjoyed our dining here. We love that the soups are tasty, the food are fresh and the seafood is huge and generous. Setia City Palace 8 is definitely worth the visit and the money for seafood lovers like myself. It 
promises you a great time with their unlimited meat and seafood plus endless desserts.

Their opening hours are from 11.30 am to 3 pm for lunch and 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm for dinner. Customers can enjoy buffet up to 2 hours per session.

They are having opening promotion from now until 31 July 2022. Don't miss out this great promotion.

Setia City Palace 8 BBQ Steamboat Buffet Prices:
Adult: RM 78+
Child (up to 12 yo): RM 40+
Lunch Promotion: Buy 4 Free 1 Pax
Dinner Promotion: Buy 8 Free 1 Pax

For more information please visit or call 03-33591188 for booking!
Setia City Palace 8 BBQ Steamboat Pork Free Buffet
Opening Hours:
11.30 am to 3 pm – lunch
5.30 pm to 9.30 pm – dinner

Address: No. 1, Jalan­ Setia Dagang AG U13/AG Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor

Phone: 03-33591188


Rawlins GLAM said...

Now I know where I will be having birthday celebrations with my friends. Thanks for recommending.

仙妮 said...

Ohh the food selection, gonna be there to enjoy with my friends soon. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

Anonymous said...

Banyaknya pilihan menu steamboat di sini.. meriah kalau menjamu selera bersama kawan2 dan keluarga.. nak cuba juga la.. lagi pun dekat dgn rumah -AlongMurni-

Sunshine Kelly said...

I like their bbq & steamboat buffet spread too, the seafood is so fresh and big.

Nadia Johari said...

allfood looks fresh. Steamboat ni memnag banyak pilihan. Makan sampai kenyang..hehehe.. Suka sangat

Marina Bashah said...

Banyaknye variety menu steamboat dia. Tempat pun nampak luas dan cantik

Jia Shin Lee said...

That's a lot to offer and price wise it's really affordable too, can't wait to visit.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

pilihan makanan kat sini smeua nampak sedap dan menarik. dekat dengan rumah boleh terjah nanti

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