Tourism Malaysia Embraces Culture, Tourism & Food @ Malaysia’s International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022

YBrs. Encik Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof, Senior Director, Domestic & Event of Tourism Malaysia, officiated the grand launch of Malaysia’s International Durian & Culture Fest 2022 (MIDCF), showing support for Dking as they gain another milestone in uplifting Malaysia’s tourism. Malaysia’s International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022 (MIDCF) is a two-day cultural festival happening between the 16th to 17th of July at Pavilion Bukit Jalil celebrating Malaysia’s wonders of culture, tourism and one of its most prominent factors of popularity - food.
Food plays a vital part in everyone’s daily lives and is intricately intertwined with Malaysia’s culture. Dking’s mission from the beginning has always been to “make everyone love durian,” and with their passion and love for durians, they have been on a fluctuating journey to educate, promote and showcase just how valuable the king of fruits is as a component of making Malaysia one of the top destinations to visit.
The launch was not only hosted to showcase durians but as a monumental stepping stone in their plan to propose an official day for durians in Malaysia called Durian Day. Malaysia is already very well known for its durians and with other countries having their own special days of celebrating their food, this calls for Malaysia to have its own special day in the calendar for Malaysians to celebrate our staple fruit.
By Malaysia having its own Durian Day, it would act as a component of promoting durians around the world. It would lift the patriotism of Malaysians, function as an opportunity for Malaysia to be recognized and represented by the fruit worldwide, and potentially be added in the tourism calendar in the future.

“The Malaysia International Durian & Cultural Fest is a prime example of a great tourist attraction for locals and foreigners to visit Malaysia’s capital and indulge in the various assortments of durians, tropical fruits and local food that Malaysia has to offer.” said YBrs. Encik Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof.
A strong line-up of durians caught the eyes of the public such as the XO and D24; thus exciting those who were attending. Not only that, Malaysia’s variety of tropical fruits were also available for people to relish in.
Malaysia’s International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022 included activities that represented Malaysia’s ever-growing culture including a cultural fashion show by Miss Malaysia Kebaya headed by Nicole Fe Lynne and a dynamic violin performance by Violinist, Jessica Loo.
Dking was able to give attendees a glimpse of Malaysia’s culture with a vast arrangement of delectable durians, tropical fruits from Nature Farm and our cherishable local and nyonya kuih-muih provided by Aroma Nyonya. In addition to the whirlwind of activities the festival had to offer, the event being hosted at Pavilion Bukit Jalil was a consequential factor in bringing up their mall as a tourist destination.

“We believe this festival serves as a representation of Malaysia’s diversity that is united by our unique and delicious food, as we work towards contributing to make Malaysia Southeast Asia’s food paradise. Not only do we hope to play a vital role in preserving and displaying our culture and tourist attractions, but we also hope visitors will be encouraged to experience Malaysia when trying out our food.” said Mr Leron Yee, Founder of Dking.
With Malaysia going through hard times in the pandemic over the past two years, Malaysia’s International Durian & Cultural Fest 2022 was a tribute by Dking to lift the spirits of Malaysians and our country moving forward.

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