iFood Expo 2022 @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil Exhibition Centre

Calling all foodie, the much awaited iFood Expo 2022 is happening at Pavilion Bukit Jalil Exhibition Centre now!

You can't miss the iFood Expo 2022 because there are a varieties of snacks, confectioneries, cooking sauces, seafood and many more! This time, there's also a healthy theme iVege Market available here! High 5 vegan buddies!
iFood Expo 2022 offers many free gifts for all visitors to redeem. Spend above RM100 will be qualify for a lucky draw. Not only that, visitors can also Shop and Save with the Amazing Deals only at iFood Expo! Let's check out some of the amazing deals from exhibitors below;

1) Nikudo Seafood

Nikudo Seafood is one of the reputable brands in Malaysia which is your Trusted and Freshness Frozen Seafood Retail and Online Store in Malaysia.
They offer many exclusive deals that one not to be missed only at iFood Expo!

✅ BUY 3 Nikudo Premium Cuttlefish Paste Plus Paste (200gm) or Nikkudo Premium Prawn Paste (200g) at RM 48 and comes with FREE 1 pkt Fish Paste
✅ Yoki-Crab Steak Meat : Buy 2 packet @ RM 10
✅ Nikudo Assorted Ball Ball Set ( 100grams) : RM 10 per set
✅ Nikudo Japanese Dumpling Set (10pcs/pkt) x 3 flavours : RM 18 per set

2) Vida C/Vida Zero Sparkling Drinks 325ml

A classic western thirst-quencher that combines tropical citrus and fresh mint. We especially love the sugar free lychee flavours one.
✅ Mix & match any 4 cans for RM10 only!

3) Zhen Mei Wei (ZMW)

Zhen Mei Wei pastes come in many flavours and it's really easy to cook with.

✅ Enjoy buy 5 free 1 pack of Zhen Mei Wei paste.

4) Weng Kee Coconut Cookies

Enjoy the crispy and delicious coconut cookies made in Ipoh!
✅ Enjoy buy 5 free 1 for only RM37 (NP: RM8.50 per pack)

5) Lao Huang Ju Golden Lime Juice

Very refreshing Lao Huang Ju Golden Lime Juice, available in salty and sweet flavours.

✅ Buy 1 for RM12 | 3 for RM33 | 5 for RM50

6) Nutty Lover

Nutty Lover supplies imported nuts and dried fruits with exceptional quality. They are mainly imported from US, Australia and Europe.
✅ Enjoy Exclusive Bundle Deals at the expo

7) Signature Markets
✅2 Bulk Pack @ RM 70
✅6 Small Pack @ RM 50
✅5 Pack @ RM50

Suka Veg
Suka Veg is one of the platfom that sells vegan product and they have over 60 brands on their belt. One can purchase a wide variety of product from Suka Veg which include kimchi, bak kut teh stock, vege crackers and more.

9) Biogreen
✅Biogreen 5 Grain Plus Oatmilk + Biogreen Black Sesame + Biogreen Preblance Cracker @ RM 100.40 ( Free Purple Chai Soy)
✅Biogreen Supergreen Soymilk + Etblisse Purple Star Crunch + Etblisse 100& Pure Pine Honey @ RM 98 ( Free Purple Chai Soy)
✅Etblisse Purple Star Curnch + Etblisse 100& Raw Honey+ Etblisse Hi Fibre Grains+ @ RM 59.90
✅Etblisse Hi Fibre Grains+ with Beetroot + Biogreen Pure Honey+Etblisse Purple Star Crunch @ RM 59.90
✅Biogreen O’Soy Plus Organic Milk (Low Sugar) + Etblisse Purple Star Crunch + Etblisse Wheat Germ Grain @ RM 70.60 ( Free Purple Chai Soy)
✅Biogreen O’Soy Plus Organic Milk ( No Sugar) + Etblisse Purple Star Crunch + Etblisse Wheat Germ Grain @ RM 70.60 ( Free Purple Chai Soy)
✅Etblisse Soya Plant Based Milk (3 pack) + Etblisse Purple Star Crunch @ RM 43

10) Herbal Farmer
✅ Buy 1 Large Avocado Multigrain; you will get a small one for free.
✅ With purchase of RM 220 of their product, you will get a Free Korea Ginseng

11) Ultimeat

Enjoy various plant-based products at Ultimeat.
✅20% off for their products

12) FY Deluxe Supplier
✅6 packs Anchoives Soup Free 1 pack of Yuyu Flat Noodles @ RM 78
✅Buy 3 @ RM 40 ( Soup Base)

13) OKI Food

Chef Yussahril will prepare delicious food for sampling at here.
✅Seri Mewah Fried Chicken Coating : RM 2
✅Moi 5 Cows Ghee (500g) @ RM 5
✅Oki Corn Oil (2kg) @ RM 28
✅Oki Sunflower Oil @ RM 26

14) AY Fish Luncheon Meat

✅RM 2.90 per can for Fish Luncheon Meat
✅Ayi Luncheon Meat @ RM 6.90

15) Cowa Coconut Water
✅RM 3 each
✅Buy 5 free 1 @ RM 15

16) Yuen Chun
✅Yuen Chun Malaysian Favourites Sauce @ RM 3 each
✅Yuen Chun Tauchu Halus Minced @ RM 6
✅Yuen Chun Light Soy Sauce @ RM 8
✅Claypot Sup Herbal ( 5 pack @ RM 30)

17) Uncle Sun

Uncle Sun is a brand under Asia Food & Beverage Sdn. Bhd. A manufacturer of herbs, spices,white coffee & milk tea.
✅Mix & Watch 6 packet @ RM 20 ( NP : RM 30)
✅Vilavie Coffee : Buy RM 20 and get a free cup

18) Yu Yan Chinese Tea
✅Buy 5 Free 5

19) Mimi Sekinchan Fish Ball
✅Buy 3 packs Free 1 bottle of homemade sambal sauce

20) Love Earth
✅Chia Seed @ RM 15
✅Chia Seed 2 @ RM 33
✅Nuts Variety : 4 @ RM 20

21) Tanoshi Mart
Tanoshi Mart offers you with wide variety of delicious meals and snacks. One can purchase beverages, food and more and they offer wide variety of product such as alcohol-free Wine, Hot Hot Cup, Summer Smoothies, and more.

22) Zoey's Homemade
Zoey's Homemade is the 1st kid-friendly healthy frozen food company in Malaysia! We love that their food are adhere to 3 NO Rules: NO Added MSG, NO Added Additive, NO Added Preservative.
Come grab the great promotion only at iFood Expo!

✅ Kids Choice combo set for just RM 129
✅ Free Thermal Lunch Bag

23) Bestari
✅Two boxes of Serbuk Kari Segera (Kari Ayam or Kari Ikan) @ RM 10

iFood Expo
Date: 1 -3 July 2022
Time: 11am-9pm
Venue: Pavilion Bukit Jalil Exhibition Centre (Level 5 Pink Zone)

For more information, visit their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ifoodexpomalaysia/

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