Le' Green - The Blood Type Whole Food

Have you heard of Blood Type Whole Food? I bet many of you don't know and in fact, it is also something new to me. Introducing Le' Green, the World's 1st and only Complete Cell Nutrition Wholefood based on blood type. Le' Green contains more than 85 nutrients to nourish, rejuvenate and repair ageing cells for great health and robust energy based on different blood types.
I recently read a research and reported that Blood A type are more susceptible to Covid-19 and Blood type O is most protected. Too bad that my blood type is A and hence I know I really have to take good care of myself. So, I have given Le' Green blood type whole food a try.
Le' Green blood type whole food is made from advance USA formula that gives us complete 85 nutrients based on blood type. It helps to nourish our cells, rejuvenate & build stronger immune system. Le' Green includes a range of probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, vital minerals, greens, enzyme, amino-acids, proteins and more just for our blood type. Hence, Le' Green gives us optimum functioning of our body and good health in long run.
I have been consuming Le' Green first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 weeks now. It is convenient and easy to drink, just mix 1 scoop of Le' Green BTF in 200ml of cool or lukewarm water and mix well. It taste like a green juice to me.
After consuming continuously for a week now. I did gone through 7 Days Initial Effect “Heatiness”, which is healing crisis that indicate a good sign of cell recovery. Now, I feel that I am more energetic, more focused and more productive. In a long run, Le' Green will also help in hair growth and higher Immune System.
Le' Green BTF is vegan and CGMP certified, it is suitable for children of 6 months old above. It is especially vital to help tired individual, weight loss, appetite loss, beauty-conscious individual, elderly and pregnant moms.
Le' Green BTF comes in 2 sizes: 250gm for RM 295 and 480gm for RM 535. The small jar can last for around 30 servins and the large jar last for 57 servings. Considering it contains 85 All-in-One Nutrient, it is really cheap per serving.

Let's eat right for our blood type because it plays a key role for our health and well-being, let's choose Le' Green BTF for ourselves and our loved ones.

For more information on Le' Green BTF, you can visit Battle Mind's Facebook page. You can PM them and quote "GetHealthywithRane" to receive FREE health consultation & special offer.

To buy, please go to https://www.thebattlemind.com/collections/le-green


Kak Su said...

This is something new I learned today. I used to take green barley powder but it quite costly for a small bottle. This one seems reasonably priced

Kak Fas said...

Goof to hear that people can consume this kind of supplement but sad to say My throat just cant except it...

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