What You See is What You Get

We all know that getting older is inevitable, but what about aging? In fact, we can age gracefully with advance technology. Introducing Algeness - a breakthrough in the medical aesthetic industry and a better, safer alternative to inject-able hyaluronic acid (HA), setting the new benchmark for sub-dermal fillers.

Made from a highly purified agarose gel derived from red algae, Algeness is 100% natural and biodegradable. Algeness is also non-allergenic, and biocompatible with the human body, providing volumising and youthful effects without needing any added chemicals, solvents or cross-linked agents.
I am happy with my sharper face features and glowing skin after Algeness treatments. 

As I am stepping into 40 this year, I started to notice more fine lines and wrinkles appearing on my face. I was trying hard to fight the ageing by learning the latest technology, investing in beauty products with advance skincare formulas, and engage in the beauty blogger industry to see if anything can help preserve the youth of my skin. Thus, I have always take good care of my skin by applying expensive creams, followed multiple steps (sometimes up to 8 steps) but I still can't prevent my skin from sagging and wrinkles from appearing.
So I decided to go for Algeness treatments. I made appointment and I have spent 2 hours at the Clique Clinic @ SS2 for Algeness fillers treatment. The experienced Dr Lim examined my face before the treatment, it seems that I needed the Algeness fillers at my laugh lines, undereye, eyebrow area(to open up the eyes), corner of mouth(to lift up), cheekbone, fix hollowing under cheekbone, chin touch up and nose bridge.
Dr Lim & Me

I like that numb cream is not necessary for Algeness fillers treatment. Dr Lim injected Algeness fillers into my face confidently. The process was fast with bearable pain level. The best part is, the results is instant! I can see a younger version of me right after the treatment. It doesn't changed my face features but it enhances it a lot! It also made my skin brighter and fairer immediately, amazing!

After 3 weeks now, I noticed that the result is truly promising. Not only my cheek is plump, I look more youthful with firmer eyes, higher nose and perfect jawline. I am happy with my sharper face features and glowing skin now. The satisfying result can last over 12 months!

Left: Before
Right: After

Left: Before
Right: After

Left: Before
Right: After

Algeness filler treatment has enhanced my confidence and I feel good and young once again. I can take a close-up selfie without worrying about my skin condition because my skin is now clear, soft and firm.

I recommend Algeness filler treatment which is fast, no down time and safe. I would encourage all of you to give it a try, as it is never too early or too late to start taking care of our skin to maintain our youth and confidence.

In fact, Algeness is perfect for those 28 years and above. Not only women, men also can give this treatment a try to get their desire skin.
Do visit authorized Algeness clinics and go to the qualified aesthetic doctors for advance and treatment for aesthetics below;

Ageless Medispa Dr. Alice, Bangsar
Clique Clinic, Bangsar & Seksyen 19, PJ
Global Skin and Wellness, KL
The M Clinic by Dr. Lee Kim Sea, Shah Alam


Fanahalim said...

Is it doesn't hurt? I cannot lah kalau jarum ni. Seram.

Zandra Zane said...

OMG! You’re 40 this year???? You definitely look way young than your age!

And yes besides skincare we can opt for facial care too. Algeness sounds good!

Dr. Aaronn Avit Ajeng, Ph.D. said...

I pass by this branch in SS2 every morning! Am wondering do they provide botox services as well?

SalinaJohari said...

Memang nampak perbezaan . Ketara juga, harga berbaloi tak sebab ada member yang tanya. Kulit muka bermasaalah maybe boleh datang sini dan sebelum proceed sure ada consultation kan ..

Fadima Mooneira said...

This sound so interesting. I believe it is also a good service right? Thank you for sharing.

Admin said...

Nampak menarik utk kekalkan penuaan pada wajah..tp tengok jarum takut plak..hihi..sakit ke masa di suntik tu?

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Wahh patutla i jumpa you smlm muka makin berseri-seri. Suka tgk.. nanti bolehla i dtg sini utk rawatan

Ruby said...

Makin cantiklah Rane. Hehehe. I lagi suka ke pakar estatik sebab doktor lebih mengetahui keadaan kulit dan apa kita perlu concern untuk dapatkan kulit cun.

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