Kids Protective Face Shield Mask For Sale

Kids Protective Face Shield Mask For Sale!

The New Normal lifestyle is here, we are encourage to wear face mask, face shield, wash hands often, and practice social distance whenever possible to protect ourselves against Covid-19.

Let's Support Local Small Medium Enterprise by purchasing this Protective face shield masks that is Made in Malaysia. It is specially design and suitable for both the cute little ones.

Kids Protective face shield masks features:

• 100% brand-new, anti-fog & anti-static.
• Adjustable head bands to suit head size of children.
• Protect against virus & saliva splashing.
• Headband and shield are washable with alcohol based sanitiser hence can be reusable for multiple times.
• Flexible to move the shield up and down.
• Lightweight & airy for long hours, plus optically clear.
• Suitable for child care, preschool and school.
• Replaceable shield are available for purchase too.
• 2 colors & types to choose from - Pink or Blue & Star or flower.

Kids Protective face shield masks pricing:
  • Price per pc = RM9.90 (postage applicable)
  • Get 5 pcs for RM48 (discounted postage applicable)
  • Get 10 pcs for RM95 (foc postage for Klang Valley / discounted postage applicable to outstation)
To purchase, please contact Rane's FB Page.

To know more about how to assembly, check out this Video below.

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Farhana Jafri said...

face shield looks comfortable and easy to remove. The colours looks cute also

cc kak fas said...

First time dengar ada face shield utk kids mcm ni... mask pun jarang ada... dgn sekolah nk buka tak lama lagi bole la cuba pakai ni.

Shad said...

Price very affordable. Mom should buy this, kids need extra protection.

Fanahalim said...

This face shield mask was a good idea. Easy for breathing. Suitable for kids also.

Aerill Hassan said...

it looks nice. if i have children around me, i will but that. :)

Marina Bashah said...

Comelnye face shield dia. Harga pon berpatutan.anak mesti suka ni

Sis Lin said...

Sis pergi Jusco ada nampak mereka jual per-set untuk kanak-kanak, lupa plak nak amik gambar dan kongsikan...


menarik juga face shield macam ni. thanks bagi info

Sunah Sakura said...

comelnyaaaa...when should they use this? are they allowed to use this at the school and nursery?

Zaza Azman said...

Wow quite cheap since its made in malaysia. Will check out soon. Wanna buy for my kids also.

Ruby said...

I tengok kids pakai ni memang cute sangat! Penggunaan face shield sama dengan face mask ke? Perlu buang selepas setiap kali penggunaan? Or boleh guna selama yang mungkin?

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