Tasty Ikan - Your Premium Seafood Online

Order your favorite premium seafood online has never been so easy with Tasty Ikan. Tasty Ikan is a premium seafood delivery in Klang Valley. I found that their premium seafood is easy to cook, reasonable priced and premium taste.

I have tried out their Norwegian Fjord Trout. They delivered the seafood promptly by Ninjavan. I like that they packed and kept the seafood in a cooler bag. This way, the seafood's freshness is ensured and also very hygiene to handle.
I removed the seafood from the cooler bag and placed it in my freezer immediately upon receive it.
I only cooked it 1 week later. I love that the Norwegian Fjord Trout taste delicious and fresh even after a week.
Most importantly, it was really easy to cook. I just need to remove the trout fillets from all packaging and rinse under cold running water to remove any ice crystals. Then, marinated with salt and pan-fried it. Remember, you just need a little bit of olive oil.
You can try to order online & enjoy quality seafood at home! Enjoy 10% off first purchase with promo code: makan-ikan.
For more information on Tasty Ikan, go to their Website | Facebook Page | Instagram.

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