New! Marrybrown S.O.S (SENSASI OHSEM SMOKEY) BBQ Meals

Calling all BBQ sauce's chicken lovers, Marrybrown, the first largest local Halal fast food chain in Malaysia is launching their New S.O.S (SENSASI OHSEM SMOKEY) BBQ Meals from 21 Aug to 5 Oct 2020! Taste the balance in the sweetness and smokiness of the BBQ sauce, every bite is satisfaction with Marrybrown BBQ Meals.
There are a few selections that we can select from Marrybrown BBQ Meals menu;
S.O.S BBQ Burger (comes with Potato Wedges, Onion Rings and Coca-Cola)
S.O.S BBQ Drumette (
comes with Potato Wedges, Onion Rings and Coca-Cola)
S.O.S BBQ Box (a set of Burger, Drumette, MB Crispy Chicken, Potato Wedges and Coca-Cola)

Note: Charcoal Bun is only meant for West Malaysia. East Malaysia will come with the plain bun.

All these delicious 
Marrybrown BBQ Meals price starts from RM 16.90 onwards.
We were lucky to give Marrybrown BBQ Meals a try. The MB Crispy Chicken is topped with tasty BBQ sauce in S.O.S BBQ Burger. It is spicy and will satisfied the spicy taste bud for sure.
While Marrybrown S.O.S BBQ Drumette is coated with generous amount of BBQ sauce, simply divine! Pair with Potato Wedges, Onion Rings and Coca-Cola, it is simply mouth-watering.
Don't just read my review only, head over to your nearest Marrybrown outlet to enjoy Marrybrown BBQ Meals today!

For more information, visit Marrybrown website at or their IG Account | FB Page.

To order Delivery, go to


Atie Zieya said...

we have only one MarryBrown in Penang island but so far away from my house

nurul aqidah azahar said...

wah..nampak sedap. serius dah lama tak makan kat MArrybrwon. Nak kena cuba jugak makan burger ni

el said...

lama iols tak makan Marry Brown..suka bubur dia sedap..kena terjah Marry Brown lunch nanti..dah terliur tengok meals baru dia ni..fuh macam menarik

Muhammad Naim Abdullah said...

Nampak sedap semua makanan di atas tu. hehe. Jika ada peluang Naim nak pergi makan dekat MarryBrown jika kes covid di kedah menurun hehe

Marina Bashah said...

Alamak. Best ni. Nak pergi belilah nanti. Suka sangat sos BBQ

Fadima Mooneira said...’s awesome that Mary Brown have charcoal bun now. I love charcoal bun.

Farhana Jafri said...

how does it taste? Not really into black colour bun but curious to try this one

Slumber Lady said...

Wow! Been thinking about dining at Marrybbrown and came into this! Thanks for sharing.

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

Tak sabar nak bawa my family makan kat sini. Drumettes dia sedap betul.

saidila said...

ok weekend ni nak cuba gak burger kaler hitam tu....mesti sedappp...marrybrown ni pilihan kedai sejakkecildan satu2nya restoran yang ada tempat duduk berbuai....kira trademarkler tuuu

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