The New Normal Way of Shopping @ Mid Valley Megamall

Hi my fellow readers in Malaysia, we have come to the midst of Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in May 2020. Many of us are back to work but it is important for us to adapting the new normal life, i.e. Keep social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands frequently, while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic together.
I have not been to a shopping mall since Malaysia government impose MCO back in March. It has been almost 2 months and all the places I went was the grocery and restaurant. Finally I brave myself to visit my favourite shopping mall in KL – Mid Valley Megamall last Thursday.
I reached there around 1pm, which is the lunch time for normal working people. Surprisingly, there was still empty spots at the P2 ladies car park at The Gardens Mall. I parked my car nicely and went inside the shopping mall without any waiting.

Before entering the upper level, customers were asked to wear a mask, measure the temperature, sanitise and scan the QR code to register ourselves. It was quite smooth as there were 2 counters.

Once went up to the LG level, I started to see people shopping around. The crowd was much more lesser than usual though.
When I go into the shops inside the shopping mall, I need to register, check temperature and sanitise again. I had enjoyed my shopping at Lovisa (they are having sales now!), Berhka, Zara, Watsons, Popular bookstore, Smiggle (they are having 25% off now!) that day. I wanted to go JD sports too but the crowd there was crazy.
In fact, I felt really tired and troublesome to register, check temperature and sanitise repetitively after a few shops. So, I just grabbed what I needed and head back home with my favourite llao llao and latte that day.
While passing by The Gardens Mall, I can see that it is quite empty. The money changer besides Ding Tai Feng which was always in long queue last time was closed. The other money changer were also empty, so pity!
Surprisingly, I was stucked at Jalan Kuching for awhile. There were many cars on the road that day. Looks like everyone is going out, life is back to usual already.

Anyhow, do take care and stay safe everyone.

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