AceMD Personal Hygiene Products Keep You And Your Loved Ones Safe

With the worrying Covid-19 pandemic disrupting lives and causing distress around the world, we can only do our part to flatten the curve by staying safe, being vigilant and maintain hygiene as much as possible.

Here’s a quick recap of how much bacteria and germs we are exposed to every day:
• Lift Buttons – 40X the amount of germs than a public toilet!
• Money – one bill contains 135,000 bacteria!
• Mobile Phone – has 25,000 germs per square inch!
• Desktop Computer – has 21,000 germs per square inch!
That’s why one of the most precious items right now is the hand sanitiser. More and more people are beginning to recognize the importance of keeping their hands clean, but the truth is that not all hand sanitisers are made equal.
Designed and formulated in the UK, and made in Korea, AceMD delivers the importance of safe, high-quality personal care, committed to offering the goodness of life by being your daily hygiene expert. Produced by Acelabs Limited, whose brand portfolio also includes Acelabs Skincare, AceMD focuses on personal hygiene, such as anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and wet wipes.

AceMD Mythbusters: What’s True and What’s Not?

MYTH #1: The higher the alcohol concentration (90% and above), the better its disinfectant properties.
TRUTH: Higher concentrations of alcohol don’t necessarily produce desirable results for protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses. In order to be effective, there has to be a significant enough presence of water in the mixture! The best ratio is 30% water + 70% alcohol. That’s why AceMD formulas contain 60-70% alcohol for the best level of protection you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.
MYTH #2: I don’t need a hand sanitiser at home because I have access to running water and soap.
TRUTH: Handwashing kills germs and physically removes dirt from your hands, but how many times can you actually wash your hands in the space of one day? Even if you are at home, you might not have direct access to soap and water at times of urgent need. Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser near doorways leading outside, so that the first thing you do when you get home, even before you open your door, is: sanitise your hands!

MYTH #3: Alcohol-free hand sanitisers work just as effectively, and are less damaging to skin.
TRUTH: Alcohol-free products may not work on many types of germs, and instead of killing them, only reduce their growth. So in the end, the effectiveness is still questionable. If dryness is your main concern, look for alcohol-based hand sanitisers that contain moisturising ingredients.

AceMD Sanitising range come in different sizes and formats, suitable for various purposes: pocket-friendly size for on-the-go hygiene, or household/commercial size for everyday usage!
AceMD products are produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology in Korea.

Their bestselling range of gel-type hand sanitisers - Advanced Hand Sanitiser With 70% alcohol is specially-formulated with 10 natural, skin-friendly extracts. Comes in 50ml, RM5.90 / 100ml, RM9.90 / 500ml, RM34.90. There is also a Limited Edition Advanced Hand Sanitizer with 70% alcohol Enriched with an antioxidant blend of Green Tea, Lemon and Rosemary Extracts which has 50ml, RM5.90 / 80ml, RM8.90.

AceMD gel-type hand sanitisers is suitable for home and office use, even for commercial or large amount usage.
To use, just squeeze a thumbnail-sized amount onto your palm, and briskly rub hands together until dry. The use of hand sanitisers is not recommended if your hands are soiled or greasy.
Advanced Wet Wipes Alcohol-free, with 87% Centella Water Suitable for all skin types – even sensitive or babies’ skin, these ultra-gentle wet wipes can be used to clean skin or surfaces effectively. It comes in 10pc/pk for RM4.50. It is suitable for Travel or outdoor activity, cleansing without water Enriched with antioxidant extracts for softening properties.
AceMD Hand Sanitisers kill 99.9% of germs, and DO NOT contain any parabens or SLS. Non-sticky and soothing, the rinse-free formula is also anti-microbial, offering protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It keeps you and your loved ones safe.

AceMD products are available on LazMall at AceMD Official Flagship Store, other channel such as Guardian, Watsons, Alpro, Healthlane, Royal Pharma, Hermo & AstroGoShop.

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Fanahalim said...

Sanitizer are better than hand washing. Because hand washing frequently make our hands dry.

el said...

Sanitizer kat rumah sis dah habis bolehlah try produk ni pula..skrg sanitizer mmg wajib di setiap rumah


baguslah ada produk camni. pada masa yg sama protect kulit. kadang pakai hand sanitizer ni kulit jadi kering cepat

Shiqin Sunshine said...

Wahh nice sharing for the myths and truth.... Thats why most preferrable % of alcohol isn70% coz 30% of water is needed for it to be more effective! Hehe nice info

Sis Lin said...

Baru juga beli hand sani semalam, simpan beli lebih untuk akan datang...brand ni Sis ada sebotol, dah separuh guna..memang bagus...tapi tak kisahlah janji ada dan gunakannya selalu..

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