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Any bread lovers here? I am and I especially love bread that's fresh from the oven.
I came across Barcook Bakery Malaysia a few years back when my ex-colleague introduced it to me. She is their loyalty customer for their fresh and delicious breads. She will buy their bread everytime she goes to Mid Valley. Recently, I was given the opportunity to visit Barcook Bakery The Gardens Mall outlet to witness how they produced their breads and hence I quickly grabbed the opportunity.
Originated from Singapore, Barcook Bakery has been producing high quality bread for years.

On a early morning on Saturday, I saw a bunch of skilled bakers working hard to make breads at the kitchen of the outlet. It is interesting to find out that they only uses the finest Barcook premium recipe mixed flour and finest quality imported Japanese flour. Considered the most consistent bread flour, it is high in protein, unbleached and has high water absorption. This gives each bite of their bread to be the fluffiest, healthiest and full of indulgence for the consumer.
There are plenty of choices of breads at Barcook Bakery Malaysia. If you don't know which to choose, you can choose one from their awesome selection on our very own Wall of Fame. The 6 bestsellers bread include raisin cream, pumpkin walnut, mushroom ham, mixberry cheese, salted egg yolk and liu sa buns. It is a surprised that they sell more than 100,000 pieces of signature raisin cream every year.
Among all, my favourite goes to the pumpkin walnut bun. Barcook's skilled bakers select only the freshest pumpkin to make their yummy Signature Bread, made from scratch straight to consumer daily.
It is a tedious and time consuming process, from cutting the pumpkin, to baked it for hours and blend it to become fine flesh that's inside the walnut bun. 
It taste really delicious and satisfying in every bite. I especially love it when it's still warm.
For my elder daughter, her favourite bun goes to Liu Sa Bun. Filled with salted egg, it's the epitome of perfect melt in your mouth goodness. I bet everyone who loves salted egg will love this bun as she does.
Barcook Bakery Malaysia is available in 3 locations in Malaysia now - IOI Mall, The Sphere. No 1, Avenue 1 Bangsar South and The Gardens Mall.

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