How to Look Younger Than Your Age - Dr. Sheva Erage Gel

Many of you asked me, how to look younger than my age? In fact, do you know that after the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen in the skin each passing year. Skin becomes weaker and and wrinkled as fibroblasts produce less collagen and elastin. That's the time when aging started and it's important to replenish skin's collagen to maintain a youthful appearance. It's never too early to start young for this.
I have recently discovered Dr. Sheva’s Erage gel that restores youth to our skin, from both inside and out via transdermal absorption and stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin from within.
Since many of you are new to Dr. Sheva brand, let me tell you more about it. Dr. Sheva is born in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, which is a renowned fishing township and home to Dr. Sheva's laboratories.
As we know, Japan is one of the world’s largest consumer of tuna fish. In line with sustainable fishing and farming efforts globally, Dr. Sheva's laboratory sought ways to reduce aquaculture waste, especially of such a precious natural resource. Then, they discovered a secret to this nutritious treasure of the sea - its scales are especially rich in collagen!

With Dr.Sheva's patented extraction and hydrolysation methods, Dr. Sheva laboratories has break the collagen and elastin proteins into molecules fine enough to penetrate and nourish your skin. It is their greatest honor to share this secret and the gift of youthful, healthy skin with the world.
Infused with Hydrolyzed Tuna Collagen and Elastin Gel with Tripeptide Technology, plus Marine and fish collagen remains the simplest, purest, yet most evolved collagen with the lowest molecular weight and bioavailability known to man. The formula of Dr. Sheva Erage Gel gives a fast & Maximum absorption.

In fact, Dr. Sheva Erage Gel is a All-in-one Gel based Serum with Tuna Collagen. You can use this to replace Toner & Moisturizer for day and night. To use, just pump two drops of Dr. Sheva Erage Gel on the palm after cleaning the face, and apply onto the whole face.

In the event of dry season, you can apply Dr. Sheva Erage Cream after the gel too.
I like it's watery texture that is fast absorb into my skin. Skin becomes tight as the product can firm the skin, it gives me a radiant and hydrated skin too after application. It also provides anti-aging benefit and skin becomes firm and lift in long run. The skin tone and skin texture will becomes smooth and soft too.

Eventually, you will look younger than your age with the usage of Dr. Sheva Erage Gel. What's not to love?

Dr. Sheva Erage Gel is Halal certified hence it's suitable for all. It is especially suitable for people with dry and dull skin, as well as people that are concern with fine lines and wrinkles.

Made in Japan, Dr. Sheva's Erage Gel comes in 30ml bottle. The regular price is RM699 per bottle but you can enjoy Promotion price of only RM488 now. You can buy it from HERE.

For more information on Dr. Sheva's Erage Gel, go to their website | Facebook Page | Instagram.


Sis Lin said...

Yes! Kalau produk dari Japan ni memang bagus sangat bagus..patutlah You nanpak muda tau...nak kena cuba gak ni, maklumlah Sis dah masuk 45tahun ni hehehe

Aerill Hassan said...

Nampak macam produk yang sangat bagus. Dari Jepun ya, pasti produk yg berkualti. Bolehlah nnti saya share berita ni dengan kwn2 :)

Sya said...

nampak menarik, tapi bila saya baca dia ada anti-aging properties, mental saya terus kena kuat sbb saya tau harga dia akan bit pricey. Nice review

Pamela Yeoh said...

this product looks awesome. very good as well. I think i should get one soon

Cik Fafa said...

Wowww produk dr jepun yang baru. Bagusnya produk ni macam best je. Mana nak dapatkan ye... Halal pulak tu

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