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I have never thought of migration until these few years. While my children are growing up, I wish to migrate to a better environment for their future. It lets me think of “Meng Mu San Qian”, a story of Mencius's Mom who moved house three times to find a good environment for Mencius to live and study. Now I am in the same situation.

My dream environment for my children is a safe country with highly education people and a free place for us to do anything(not against law, of course). Speaking of all this, Singapore has it all.

As a neighbour of Singapore, I love how beautiful the country is. It is a safe country with low crime rates, and a dream place to work for many Malaysian like myself. In fact, not only we Malaysian love to migrate to the Lion City, many other people from International would love so too.

The strong economy in Singapore is really attractive to investors and workers. While the good education system attracts parents like me, who would love to give their children the best that they can. More importantly, the food in Singapore is really delicious, and I believe we could enjoyed a quality of life in this little red dot.

So, I have did some study on Singapore Permanent Residency application and I have found out Paul Immigrations, that can help us applying Singapore PR effortlessly. Let us find out more about this consultancy below.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your PR Specialists

Based in Singapore since year 2016, Paul Immigrations provides services to foreign individuals who wish to apply for permanent residency in the Lion City. Over the years, the company has served more than 15,000 satisfied clients. With the company’s years of expertise and as well as comprehensive knowledge of the permanent residency process, they have consistently achieved a high percentage of PR approvals.

How Paul Immigrations Can Help with Your PR Application

Paul Immigrations aim at providing foreigners with professional assistance and valuable insights, to help them gain competitive edges in their Singapore immigration applications. Hence, they strive to be the trusted market leader in helping foreigners to establish their futures in Singapore.

The company’s professional team offer all sorts of services with regards to the permanent residency process including the key insights, craft personalised cover letters, organise all necessary documents, expert guidance throughout the entire process, prepare additional documents and minimise hassle & time wastage.

Thus, their clients will get policy knowledge & professional case management, strong complete documents package, minimise hassle & time wastage strategic, as well as approach in handling complex issues with their help.

This is my first time explore about apply a Singapore PR, hence I have found out the PR application process below;

Step 1: Phone Interview

The first step to the process will be a phone interview with a consultant from the company to determine if the prospective client is eligible to for permanent residency in Singapore.

1. The consultant will gather the following information:

● Type of work pass they are holding (i.e. S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass)
● Whether they have family members in the country who are Citizens or Permanent Residents
● Whether they have any pending applications with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

2. Next, the consultant will conduct a profile assessment. This assessment involves the following factors (but is not limited to them):

● Age
● Duration of stay in Singapore
● Salary
● Number of times they have paid for income tax

Step 2: Face-to-Face Appointment

After the phone interview, the consultant will set up an appointment with the client at the company’s office.

The consultant will first verify the client’s work pass.

The consultant will review the client’s profile, according to the profile assessment that was done during the phone interview. This review serves to assess the approval chances of the PR submission.

The consultant will clarify the factors that will affect PR approval during the appointment including:

● Their educational certifications, the job industry they are employed in, and if they have significant merits, etc.
● ICA’s unspoken annual quota of approved PR applications
● The political climate in the city-state at the point of application
● How difficult it is to attain approval when applying for PR (number, stats.. demand, unspoken quota) Upon which, the client will decide if they wish to engage the help of the consultancy boost the success rate of their application.

Step 3: Submission of Documents from Client

After reviewing eligibility, they will be required to submit their documents to a specialist from the company.

This can be done by either:

● Scheduling a meeting with the specialist at a time of their own convenience, OR
● Scanning their documents and emailing them to the specialist

The list of documents the client is required to submit include:

● Audited form submission (also known as Form 4A)
● Correct compulsory documents (as required by ICA)
● Essential additional documents (these documents may reflect the client’s participation in charity work, community involvement, etc.)

After the specialist has compiled the documents, the specialist will advise if the documents satisfy the listed PR criteria and requirements as stated by ICA.

Step 4: Completion of the PR Application Paperwork on Behalf of Client

The specialist will complete the PR application form according to the information stated in the documents.

The consultancy’s in-house writer will refer to the questionnaire that was previously given to the client as well as the application form to write a customised cover letter.

● The cover letter aims to highlight the client’s dedication to the local community and the general society in Singapore as a whole.

● The three factors that will be included in the cover letter are the client’s commitment (e.g. participation in local events), contributions (skill sets), as well as their profile assessment.

Step 5: Submission of PR Application

After the entire PR application is completed, the specialist will give the go-ahead with their application’s online submission. This will either be done remotely or the specialist will set up a meeting with the client to complete the submission.

*Steps 2 to 5 will take an average of one to two months.

Step 6: Outcome of Application

The assessment of each PR application by ICA typically takes about four to six months. Depending on whether the client’s application has been approved or rejected, the specialist will advise them on the next step to take that is best for their individual circumstances.

It takes some effort to apply the Singapore Permanent Residency, but we can now apply it more effortlessly with Paul Immigrations. Now, I can't wait to start a new chapter of life with my family at Singapore.

For further information about Paul Immigrations, go to their Official Website:
Address - Suntec Tower Two, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #13-01/02/03, Singapore 038989
Business Hour - Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 6.00pm
Call them at +65 6206 6390 to make an appointment today.


Sofinah Lamudin said...

Great..I just know abt this.Interesting informations. Thanks for sharing about Paul Immigrations. - Blog Sofinahlamudindotcom

nikkhazami said...

apply to travel and migrate is tiring and take some time. thanks to company like this. we can reduce our time and handle it effortlessly

Farhana Jafri said...

Its a great service provided by Paul Immigrations because lot of us di not know where to start and what to do before applying PR for another country. Thanks for sharing this!

Fadima Mooneira said...

Good information sharing. Steps dia x byk beza dgn Australia nyer migration. But how much does it cost you for the PR? Good luck btw.

Mahamahu said...

Tak ada plan lagi nak jadi warganegara Singapura hehehe tapi kat sana mudah jer kalau nak jadi warganegara kalau kita ini ada kepakaran sebab mereka memang terbuka huhuhu. Kalau kat Malaysia ni banyak pekerja asing nak jadi warganegara wakakakaka...

Nadia Johari said...

just know about this..firstime i heard about this company..macam tu cara mereka ye...

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

Menarik juga bila ada tawaran servis mcm ni. Memudahkan lagi urusan

Dikbee said...

Eh, u nak pindah sana ke?? Kalau ye, hope semua urusan dipermudahkan untuk u & family. Bagus juga ada Paul Immigrations ni. Memudahkan urusan kan sebab setau sy memang susah sikit prosedur nak apply PR ni

Cik Min said...

Agak menarik dan info sangat berguna tapi tu la hujan emas dinegeri orang..hehhe tetap i pilih negara sendiri

Nurhasanah Ismail said...

good service by Paul Immigration. Wish your family have a better environment for your future there ~ ;)


thanks for info tu. bolehlah info yang berguna untuk mereka yang memerlukan

Sis Lin said...

Good info, nanti Sis boleh share kepada kawan yang Suaminya PR Singapura tapi kawan Sis orang Malaysia...thanks ya..

xulhlmi said...

you made a good move for your family, i'm amazed by your think of mind to immigrate to Singapore which it's such a modern country to live in

Aerill Hassan said...

thanks for sharing. baru tahu pasal semua ni :) walaupun negara lain nampak menarik, malaysia tetap tanah tumpahnya darahku :)

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