The New Season of Taste Australia Summer Fruits

Usher in the festivities in an auspicious manner with the bounty of summer fruits from Australia. From peaches to plums, nectarines and apricots, Australian summer fruits are in season now and are a delightful celebration of colours and flavours. Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day will be all that much sweeter with these tasty luscious fruits. To mark the New Year and upcoming season of merriment, Taste Australia launched the “Celebration of Flavours” campaign at AEON Metro Prima not long ago.
Taste Australia Summer Fruits are in season now and can be enjoyed in so many ways.

Taste Australia is the whole-of-horticulture brand used by industry and Hort Innovation to help increase the profile, sales and consumption of premium horticulture products in key export markets. As consumers prepare to Huat Ah and toss the Yee Sang high and wide to usher in prosperity and happiness this Chinese New Year, the campaign is aimed at inspiring consumers to level up the celebrations with exciting ways to enjoy these delicious summer fruits. Taste Australia, engaged Celebrity Masterchef, Abang Brian to kickstart the season with great recipes that Malaysians will love.
Australian summer fruits are a perfect match for this season of festivities with Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, providing a tasty and culturally significant treat for gifting and enjoyment.

At the launch of the campaign, Abang Brian shared an unconventional Yee Sang recipe made sweeter and healthier with Australian summer fruits, such as succulent Australian White and Yellow Peaches, White and Yellow Nectarines, and Black, Red and Dapple Plums. “The flavours of these stone fruits are incomparable – some sweet, some tart, and the combined flavours in a recipe such as Yee Sang is simply divine,” said Abang Brian as he sliced and assembled the Aussie summer fruit Yee Sang. He went on to explain that stone fruits such as nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots have cultural significance for Chinese New Year as the fruits symbolise long life and prosperity. The celebration of flavours didn’t end there as Abang Brian shared a recipe for Romantic Peach and Chocolate Trifle layered lovingly with juicy peaches and white chocolate cream, decorated with peaches and red plum. Perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner or a Chinese New Year dinner party.
From Left to Right : Mr Liew Kong Cheng, Business Development Manger of Austrade Malaysia, Ms Irene Khor Kim Ean, Perishable, Dairy & Daily Senior Manager for AEON Co. (M) Bhd and Abang Brian, Malaysian Celebrity Chef displaying delectable festive recipes at the launch of Taste Australia’s Summer Fruits at AEON Metro Prima, Kepong recently.

Mr Liew Kong Cheng, Business Development Manager of Austrade Malaysia, explained that Australian produce are usually highly sought after due to their deeper flavours and freshness. He added that thanks to Australia’s warm climate and hot summers, the stone fruits come out sweeter and juicier. The proximity to Asia also ensures Malaysians have access to Australia’s freshest seasonal produce. “These fruits can be enjoyed in so many different ways. They are perfect as snacks on their own, sliced up in fruit or leafy salads, delectable in baked and fresh desserts, perfect with creamy ones, great stewed, grilled, poached, pureed, baked or sautéed, and make excellent jams, chutneys, pickles, compotes and sorbets. It combines beautifully with so many recipes creating a joyous celebration of flavours,” said Liew.
These fruits also make perfect gifts as their round shape and gold and red hues are said to symbolize prosperity and bring the recipient good fortune throughout the year.
Australian Summer Fruits are some of the world’s most delicious and sought-after fruits, and this season Taste Australia is partnering with AEON to bring these succulent seasonal fruits straight to Malaysian shelves.

To see the Taste Australia campaign in action and try the flavoursome summer fruits, head down to participating retailers including Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer & AEON supermarkets. AEON Metro Prima Kepong, will have a roadshow at their outlet from 17th January to 19th January 2020.

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