Win One Year of Free Bubble Tea with Hong Leong Bank's Bubble Tea Frenzy

It's a double happiness on Sunday, 21st Jul 2019. Not only we got to enjoy delicious bubble tea but we also got to enjoy cashless shopping at Hong Leong Bank's Bubble Tea Frenzy event.
Held at the popular Subang bubble tea street, SS15/4 Subang Jaya, customers who either apply for a HLB Credit Card, register for Hong Leong Connect (banking mobile app) or link their HLB Debit Card/-i to WeChat Pay Wallet and follow HLB WeChat Official Account on the spot at HLB’s Bubble Tea Frenzy will immediately enjoy a RM10 bubble tea voucher bubble tea from Daboba, The Alley or PIN Tea courtesy of HLB, redeemable only at the participating branches at SS15/4.
Indeed, Hong Leong Bank has made the Cashless shopping an extra miles with their recent roll-out of the Bank’s Digital Day 2019 campaign, Bye-Bye Cash, No Cash, No Problem. Most excitingly, going cashless with HLB comes with a sweet reward this time!
The icing on the cake for this crazy promotion is three lucky customers are in the running to win *365 Days of Bubble Tea when they apply for a HLB Credit Card, register for Hong Leong Connect (banking mobile app) or link their HLB Debit Card/-i to WeChat Pay Wallet – it is that simple!
To encourage customers to share the great moments from the event, they stand a chance to win exclusive Social Media Giveaway when they post their photos with their bubble tea with HLB Logo on location on to their FB & tag @HLBMalaysia and with the hashtag #HLBDIGITALDAY #HLBBUBBLETEAFRENZY

The participating outlets for the street party this year are Subang Jaya’s iconic SS15 outlets Daboba, The Alley, and Pin Tea. Also, on hand for redemption of other prizes will be Malaysian chain Tealive and other participating partners. These brands are credited with being among the most loved and certainly among the most mentioned brands in must-drink-bubble-tea-experiences lists – making long wait times there quite common especially on weekends.
The Bubble Tea Frenzy and HLB’s campaign is centered on helping consumers better understand how easy and rewarding going cashless can be when done right.
Emphasising convenience, engagement, and the benefit of a trusted partner like Hong Leong Bank, the Bubble Tea Frenzy is one of several activities that mark this year’s Digital Day campaign for the Bank.
According to Zalman Zainal, Chief Marketing Officer of HLB, “Malaysians love their bubble tea! In fact, a recent campaign by a food delivery app revealed that a single company had delivered over 5 million bubble teas last year. Understanding this, and as part of our focus on delighting our customers while making it convenient and rewarding for them to go cashless, the Bank is offering 3 lucky customers a chance to win *365 Days of Bubble Tea when they apply for a HLB Credit Card, register for Hong Leong Connect (banking mobile app) or link their HLB Debit Card/-i to WeChat Pay Wallet at the Bubble Tea Frenzy on 21st July 2019 – it is that simple! So, go ahead – go digital, cashless and get a sweet surprise!”
HLB’s annual Digital Day which falls on July 7 each year, is focused on cashless this year to help consumers and businesses accelerate their adoption of easy, secure, rewarding digital platforms. The Bank’s unrelenting focus on driving the country’s cashless movement forward is fueled by its providing convenience as a core value within HLBs entire suite of digital-led cashless ecosystem solutions for consumers and businesses.

For more information about Hong Leong Bank’s Digital Day 2019 promotions, and how to win your own sweet delightful cup of Bubble Tea, kindly go to the bank's website at Terms and conditions apply.

*The 365 days of free bubble tea is defined as 1 bubble tea per day at a maximum value of RM10.00 for 365 days.


Nhazla Fikri said...

Pandai betul marketing gunakan air viral sekarang supaya orang ramai mencuba membuat pembayaran secara online. Secara tak langsung membuatkan orang ramai teruja untuk belajar dan mendapatkan air yang diingini

Julia Mahir said...

Wow one year of Bubble Tea supply! All the bubbles tea fan should go try win this. Nasib baik I'm not crazy over bubble tea or else i might try join to. haha

Muhammad Naim Abdullah said...

Buble Tea di khabarkan oleh ada kandungan gula yang tinggi kan. Agar tidak mengambil ia selalu. Takut dapat penyakit kencing manis. beware ya. hehe

Kalau muslim pula kena hati2 kerana di luar sana sesetengah produk ini tiada sijil halal. Jangan serbu pulak, Naim aware. hampa aware x? hehe

Marina Bashah said...

Wowww. Daftar dengan HLB dapat RM10 voucher bubble tea. 3 lucky winner dapat 365 bubble tea. Fuhhh seronokkk

Lin Liena said...

percuma bubble tea setahun?? giler,kena register la cepat2 hihi..

Cik Lily Putih said...

pandai credit card buat marketing cari customer ek, dengan bubble tea je. If I were there, of course I sign up hehhe

Cik Min said...

Wah bestnya bubble tea. But to be honest i belum sempat nak try semua ni. Yg i selalu beli tg tealive je haha

Atul Hamid said...

Wah, good campaign from The Bubble Tea Frenzy and HLB. Surely consumers happy because they have opportunity to win the sweet delightful cup of Bubble Tea.

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