Kids' Craft Course at My Craft Studio, Desa Park City

Children love arts and crafts, in fact there are many benefits to engage them into arts and crafts. From foster their creativity to develop fine motor skills, arts and crafts help in both physical and social development for kids. Many parents know about this but we are too busy to work on crafts with our children in this fast pace era. Hence, I thought why not let it handle by the expert.
My Craft Studio is an experienced institute that offers educational course. All their courses are developed based on Montessori Education Concept. I was honoured to witness the newest outlet of My Craft Studio at Desa Park City just a week ago. Located at first floor of Waterfront, Desa Park City, I like that My Craft Studio is clean, spacious and a place full of imagination.
My Craft Studio uses teaching modules that have been carefully designed with children in mind. They prepare different arts and crafts material for children of different ages. It will eventually help the children to develop their motor skills, senses, imagination and teamwork skills.
For now, My Craft Studio at Desa Park City conducts two courses, namely Nursery Art Course (NAC) for children from ages 3 to 6 years old; and Multicultural Craft Course (MCC) for kids ages 7 to 12 years old. A uniform will be needed for all the students at My Craft Studio. We really love their pretty uniform, where it is yellow t shirt for NAC and a pilot uniform for MCC.
NAC course does not only emphasize on inspiring children’s creativity, but it also instilling educational values in children through fun art lessons. There are 12 series of NAC Art Books for the kids to go through, such as “Go Green”, “World Peace”, “Save The Earth”, “Recycle”, “Love Animal” and so on.
As for MCC course, the children will get the chance to learn various cultures of different countries. Whenever the kid completed her individual craft, a unique stamp will be given on her “Travelling Craft Passport”! Sounds really fun and cool isn't it? They will get to know about histories and geographies too before each class starts in order to widen the children's knowledge. I truly like this idea about traveling and crafts.
More importantly, all the material used in My Craft Studio is only available exclusively at the studio. My Craft Studio is also a studio with good environment and system, including the annual Golden Bear Award where award will be given to the winning children that were selected by an “International Judging Team” who have vast knowledge and experience on children's masterpieces.
My Craft Studio is indeed the ideal crafts studio for all the kids. To know more, visit their

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