An Exciting Day Out with My Kids at kidzooona @ AEON Mall Rawang

Hi parents, do you know that children need to play and discover the world for themselves without too much restriction? Play helps the kids to shape their evolution, especially their brain and organ. Hence, I love to bring my daughters to play whenever we have free time. However, it is very important to do our own research before hand so that we can let them play in a safe environment.
Lately, I have discovered kidzooona, an all-you-can-play discovery learning centre located in many of AEON Malls nationwide. Run by AEON Fantasy Malaysia - a Japan-based company specializing in edutainment industry. With a value of ‘Family, Fun, and Safety’, AEON Fantasy Malaysia focus on children’s healthy growth through a fun play. They have almost hundred outlets around Malaysia that bring a name of Mollyfantasy, kidzooona, PALO, FANTAZIA & FANPEKKA.
What made me decided to bring my kids there was AEON Fantasy Malaysia provides and secured a clean and safe playground to the little ones. So, parents could be assure of the hygiene and educational value when visit the centre.
Since I was free on last Sunday, I decided to bring my girls to kidzooona @ AEON Mall Rawang. It was our first time to kidzooona, my girls and I were really excited. Guess what, we were attracted by the fun activities immediately after entered kidzooona.
This conceptual theme park is filled with fun activities and exciting attractions perfect for kids of all ages. At kidzooona, kids experience an unique educational play where they learn and play at the same time. Parents can also bond with our kids as we all try the sliders, air-bouncers, ball pools, paper towns and make believe stations.
Once entered, we were attracted by the big ball pools with sliders and air-bouncers. Designed for both parents and kids, it was so much fun playing inside the ball pools. We can spend hours there just to play and bond with the kids.
Then, the kids moved over to the role play equipment. From Sushi counter, Burger Shop, Fire Department, Hospital, ice cream shop, Flower shop and many more. This kind of role play will create an environment where learning, socializing and becoming physically active comes naturally. Encourages the kids active play and learn at the same time.
There was a creative mindset area for kids to play more interactive games to explore their mind.
For more active kids, they can play at bubble ball game, trampoline and other activities too.
Not only that, their mascot - Lala will made appearance to cheer up the parents and kids on specific day and time. Lala is a 5 years old squirrel that brings laugh and happiness in kidzooona. Dancing is Lala’s hobby and loves to dance together with all the kids. For the appearance of Lala, do checkout the timing at their website.
Even though we did not get to meet Lala that day, it was OK. It was indeed an exciting day out with my kids at kidzooona @ AEON Mall Rawang. Meanwhile, should you wish to win some free entrance to kidzooona, you can still join my giveaway at my Instagram here.

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