SkinSoul Boutique Delights Shoppers with its Swiss Formulated Skincare and Facial Treatments

Shoppers at Mid Valley Megamall have another reason to rejoice as SkinSoul Switzerland (SkinSoul) re-opens this month with a brand-new look and added facial treatment services to the boutique.
Customers now have an alternative location to choose from in addition to Ampang. Over 50 media friends and KOLs came together and celebrated SkinSoul’s Grand Reopening at Mid Valley Megamall for a closed-door media event on 20 July, Saturday. The guests were introduced to SkinSoul’s swiss-formulated skincare range enriched with the regenerative properties of Ashitaba, the all-natural cosmetic and new treatment services, exclusive to the Mid Valley Megamall boutique designed to provide shoppers and busy executives a deluxe experience.
Guests had the first-hand experience with the hand spa witnessing how their undernourished hands transformed into hydrated and youthful skin in minutes.
There was also a sharing session with SkinSoul’s beauty advisors on essential make-up and for guests to try out the makeover session. On the side, the guests enjoyed the one-on-one session with Ms Jessie Lee to find out how knowing one’s ideal colours help to move ahead in life.
The celebration continues till 31 July 2019. Shoppers can still participate in the sure-win lucky draw and enjoy complimentary facial treatments worth RM600 each. No purchase required. Check out SkinSoul Switzerland Facebook for registration details.

SkinSoul Switzerland Boutique Location:
LG-077, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Telephone: +603 2201 9299 
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm

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