The Nando’s Art Initiative 2018 - YOUthReka

The Nando’s Art Initiative, known this year as YOUthReka, is back with the annual 2018 Art Competition. For 11 years, the initiative has remained a dedicated platform for creative youth from all walks of life to come together and showcase their amazing talents and imagination while also acting as a channel to expose their work to the masses.
"For over a decade now, we have focused on providing an avenue for these young artists to share their creativity with the public and make art more accessible to all. For a long time, and in fact until today, there is still a perception that art is only accessible to a very niche group of people, which is not true, because art can be created and enjoyed by anyone", said Mac Chung Lynn, Group CEO of Nando’s Malaysia.

This year, the competition received 468 submissions encompassing both the Fine Art and Digital Art category and the exhibition held from 14 August 2018 to 24 August 2018, showcased over 40 masterpieces from participants all over Malaysia. The exhibition also incorporated special additions aimed at not only developing these young creative talents but reached out to those who were interested in dabbling in the arts themselves.

Apart from the main shortlisted competition pieces, there were also eight additional art works created by local Autistic artists and a special ‘Pop-Art’ session with art collective Titikmerah. The Nando’s Art Initiative which has always been geared towards changing the lives of youth regardless of who they are or where they come from, has incorporated these additional artists into the exhibition to illustrate that creative talent is limitless and that art can be made and appreciated by anyone and everyone.
The exhibition and activities coincided with the announcement of the YOUthReka Art Competition 2018 winners and prize giving ceremony. The winners of the Grand Prize are Choo Ai Xin with her piece titled "Old Town Ipoh" in the Fine Art category and Chew Song Kee with his art piece "Crow Guest" in the Digital Art category. Joining them are Ong Cai Bin, grabbing 1st Runner-Up with her artwork "Peep's World II" and 2nd Runner-Up Lau Pik Yoke with her artwork "A View of the Past" in the Fine Art category.
In the Digital Art Category, Nur Ain Shariffuddin took 1st Runner-Up for her illustration titled "The Spirit of Adventure" while Chew Yi Kai nabbed 2nd Runner-Up with his "Maternal" piece.

Nando’s believes that art is not only for the gifted, but also for the public as well. Bringing that sentiment to life, together with Titikmerah, an art collective headed by Ajim Juxta, Nando’s organised a special ‘Pop-Art’ section, where people from different walks of life are given an opportunity to try their hand at creating their very own masterpiece. Pop Art, an art style made popular by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein is known for its simplicity and expression of the mass culture. It is an easy art form to understand and remains relevant even in modern times.

The event also paid tribute to the late Syed Nabil Syed Nahar, Chief Advisor and an instrumental figure in the founding of the art initiative. He is an art consultant with over 20 years of experience in planning and organizing art exhibitions, art curating, advising and building private and corporate art collection, art writing for catalogues and exhibitions.

According to Chung Lynn, she mentioned this year's competition "is a memorable and heartfelt one to many of us at Nando’s. Even though we have lost an invaluable individual, our Chief Advisor, Syed Nabil, I believe that his legacy lives on with the Nando’s Art Initiative programme. We hope that this platform will continue to encourage our youth to explore and showcase their amazing creativity, whilst remaining an avenue to support the appreciation of art.”

The Nando’s Art Initiative has served as a platform for creative expression and development. This has brought to the forefront an assemblage of young artistes in Malaysia who now have an exciting avenue to promote their abilities and creative production.

Winners of the competition includes:

Fine Art Category:
Grand Prize - RM5,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500, sponsored solo exhibition and mentorship
Winner: Choo Ai Xin
1st runner up - RM3,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500
Winner: Ong Cai Bin

2nd runner up - RM2,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500Winner: Lau Pik Yoke

Consolation prize (x3) – RM 1,000 cash and Nando’s vouchers worth RM500

Winner: Wong Joo Yee
Winner: Muhammad Syafiq bin Kholid
Winner: Afiqah binti Abd Mutalib

Digital Art Category

Grand Prize - RM5,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500, sponsored solo exhibition and mentorship

Winner: Chew Song Kee
1st runner up - RM3,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500 and Winner: Nur Ain Shariffuddin

2nd runner up - RM2,000 cash, Nando’s vouchers worth RM500 Winner: Chew Yi Kai

Consolation prize (x3) – RM 1,000 Cash and Nando’s vouchers worth RM500

Winner: Choong Shih Yeng
Winner: Hoo Wei Xing
Winner: Tan Kai Ying

All artworks displayed has been judged based on originality and creativity, the story (concept & idea), quality of design and composition, use of medium and artistic finish, and overall impression.

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