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Have you been to Seremban lately? I have not been there for quite some time, and I have heard my Seremban friends mention about the upcoming township, Bandar Sri Sendayan a lot and hence I was excited to made my visit to it last weekend. I was amazed with the greenery, lush environment at Bandar Sri Sendayan. Just when we thought what else was in this latest township, we found the cozy d'Tempat Country Club house just right in front of us.

Since it was a mid day, we thus decided to drive in and find a place to chill on the sunny afternoon. We parked our car at the basement car park, and walked in to the club house. Welcoming us was the Olympic size swimming pool, and the Jigger & Shaker restaurant on our left. We decided to give Jigger & Shaker a try.

My Seremban friend has told me that Jigger & Shaker has swiftly becoming the most popular resturant in Seremban since it opened earlier this year. It is a spacious venue with a casual yet vibrant ambiance that seems to appeal to a wide clientele, from youths to middle-aged. I also heard that Jigger & Shaker is the first restaurant in Seremban that offers a live band performance that will serenades you to toe-tapping easy listening numbers.
Jigger & Shaker provides a lavish menu prepared by an Egyptian Chef of International standards, Chef Sam whom focusing on both local & international cuisine.
The Royal platter and zingy cocktails are a few of our favourites.

Royal Platter (For 6-8 persons | RM 188)

We simply love the spread of Jigger & Shaker's Royal Platter. This ginantic meat platter comes with BBQ Spring Chicken, mixed German sausages, char-grilled lamb with Sriracha Mayo, Mutton Varuval, Chicken wings with cheese sauce accompanied with Tortilla bread, wedges and roasted mixed roots, all served with Dijon Mayonaise, Sriracha Mayom Black pepper sauce and Gherkin. Meat lovers, call your squad down to feast on this Royal Platter for a monstrously good time.

Bismarck Pizza (RM 33.50)

Hand toss pizza topped with tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, beef salami, onion rings, chili flakes and egg. We like the fresh and crispy crust that offer great tasting along with the sauce.

Linguine Ala Pescatore (RM31.50)

Olive oil base pasta cooked with fresh prawns, shrimp, squid, mussels and clams cooked in white wine.

Succulent fresh seafood over creamy pasta, what's not to love?

Wild Chicken Buffalo Chicken Wings with Crinkle Fries (RM 28)

The Wild Chicken Buffalo Chicken Wings are moisted and coated in a light crunchy batter. Serve with crinkle cut fries, it goes well with the beer and wine.

J&S Chicken Burger (RM32.50)

Crispy chicken coated with bread crumbs, mashed potato served with mushroom sauce.

The savory toppings are enough to make this burger perfect for a delicious dinner.

Angus Beef Chimichurri (New to a la carte menu effective from Sept 2018)

The Angus beef is perfectly grilled into your favour. Serve with Chimichurri, a green sauce specially made by the chef. It is truly a juicy, tender and flavourful Angus beef we have had.

Beef Burger with Charcoal Bun (New to a la carte menu effective from Sept 2018)

Juicy and tasty beef patty over the fresh charcoal bun. We will recommend this burger for beef lover.


J&S Chicken Nachos (RM25)

Guacamole, salsa, jalapeno, sour cream, chicken bolognaise and mozzarella

Nachos that are piled high with generous ingredient. Perfect for sharing!

J&S Soda (RM 20 | non-alcoholic)

A refreshing drink that's great for our warm weather.

Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake (RM25.50 | non-alcoholic)

Cheesecake plus strawberry makes the perfect sweet and sour drink for the sweet tooth.

Lychee & Thyme Gin & Tonic (RM 36 | alcoholic)

Gin, thyme leaves, lychee juice and lemon juice

We love the refreshing flavours of this beverage.

Smokey Cocktail (RM 40 | alcoholic)

Jigger & Shaker has taken their cocktail into a whole new level. A beautiful smokey cocktail that captured our eyes and heart.

J&S Carafe (RM 88 | alcoholic)

3 types of gin, mixed herbs and lemon

A great drink to share among friends and family.


Matcha Chocolate Lava Cake with Green Tea Ice Cream (RM14.50)

This luscious dessert has a light spongy outer layer that breaks open to a gush of warm chocolaty green tea lava, this cake is perfectly balanced between the slight bitterness of the green tea and sweetness of the chocolate and ice cream.

We like that Jigger & Shaker made all the quality food and beverages fresh from their kitchen. You could be assure of the freshness of the food at all time. We highly recommend Jigger & Shaker for its awesome food, great service and a good atmosphere.

Watch the video to find out more on Jigger & Shaker and how Chef Sam prepared the delicious dish.

Don't miss out their promotions below too;

Somersby - ongoing promotion, RM 21 per bottle or RM 75 per bucket.

Burrito Challenge – promotion for the whole month of September 2018. RM 45 nett per entry to participate and win amazing prizes.

Jigger & Shaker

Address: PT 12653, Jalan Pusat Dagangan Sendayan 1, Bandar Sri Sendayan 
Business Hour: Sun to Thurs 3pm to 1am
Fri & Sat 3pm to 2am
Tel No: 012-278 5236 

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