The Launch of BLACKMORES Natural Vitamin E Cream Range

Leading natural health supplement brand BLACKMORES recognises the importance of healthy skin and has therefore introduced a range of natural skincare products catering to different skin needs. BLACKMORES Natural Vitamin E Cream range is a natural skincare product which helps to moisturise and protect dry skin, nourish and soothe skin, and prevent moisture loss. It contains a source of natural vitamin E together with lanolin, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil and vitamin A. It has no artificial colours or fragrances.
According to Jeannie Kwa, Naturopath from BLACKMORES, “Vitamin E is fat-soluble antioxidant naturally present in healthy skin. Applying vitamin E to the skin’s surface provides additional protection as it functions as a skin conditioner and to protect skin cells from environmental damage.”

“Lanolin has a very similar function to our skin’s natural sebum. Both lanolin and sebum form a protective waterproof barrier on the skin and act to protect the skin and keep it from becoming dry, brittle and cracked by dehydration”, Kwa adds.
BLACKMORES Natural Vitamin E cream has been part of the BLACKMORES range for almost 40 years, since it was launched in 1978. Explained Kwa, “BLACKMORES started formulating skin care products in the 1970s including vitamin E cream because we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. We understand it’s just as important for people to look after their skin health so they are supporting their health from outside in.”
“We knew consumers were looking for alternatives to skin creams that had chemicals as the foundation, so the brief was to make a high-quality nourishing skin care cream based on natural ingredients. The base of the product had to be natural, so avocado and apricot kernel oil were chosen with a special mixed tocopherol vitamin E blend. Most mainstream products at the time were based on petrochemical-based mineral oils ingredients that didn’t fit with the natural skincare philosophy”, says Kwa.

“At BLACKMORES, our belief in a natural, holistic approach to health inspires us to excellence in everything we do. Over 2 million tubes of BLACKMORES Natural Vitamin E Cream has been sold so far internationally, and we are now proud to launch this in Malaysia to provide both men and women with a skincare range that caters to their different skin needs”, said Eddy Ong, Country Manager of BLACKMORES Malaysia.

The BLACKMORES Natural Vitamin E Cream range consist of a basic moisturising cream in a 50g tube and a range of three facial moisturisers in 50g pump bottles with each serving a specific skin condition – brightening, protection and anti-ageing.

According to Caryn Loh, Managing Director of WATSONS Malaysia, “As the market leader in the retail beauty space, Watsons is proud to partner with Blackmores to bring a new addition to our skin care category. The Blackmores Natural Vitamin E cream range is very popular overseas and we are excited to bring this range to our shores and continue to provide our valued customers with appealing beauty products at our Watsons stores. We are confident this range will do well amongst our customers especially from a trusted quality brand like Blackmores.”

BLACKMORES Natural Vitamin E Cream range is currently available exclusively in all Watsons Malaysia stores. The BLACKMORES Natural Vitamin E Cream + Lanolin retails at RM 35.00 for its single tube and the range of facial moisturisers retails at RM 65.00 for each pump bottle.

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