We first discovered BIOTHERM brand during our teenage years. It is a pioneer in skin biology since discovering the benefits of LIFE PLANKTON in 1952, Biotherm uses the incredible regenerating force of LIFE PLANKTON in advanced skincare solutions. 

Through expertise in Biotechnology, the brand infuses the most powerful actives in unparalleled pleasurable textures for a healthy and active beauty. Today, LIFE PLANKTON is known to be one of the most unique regenerating ingredients of the cosmetic industry.  Further from LIFE PLANKTON™ Essence launched in 2014, Biotherm goes a step further with the launch of LIFE PLANKTON Clear Essence – a fundamental a high efficacy pre-essence to perfect skin this year.
LIFE PLANKTON Clear Essence contains 5% LIFE PLANKTON™, which is the highest concentration yet possible for skin regeneration. As a result, skin renewal is optimized and skin appears brighter and younger. It is also enriched with gentle micro-exfoliating agents, it clears away dull, life-worn cells to reveal smoother, newborn like skin. It is light and watery to the touch. Splashing skin in a light, refreshing texture, it absorbs rapidly, to streamline the skin routine in our time-short modern lifestyles.

After just 8 days, skin is glowing but not greasy, pores are reduced and skin is refined; translucent, as if lit from within. No matter what age or skin tone. You do not believe in miracles? Your skin will. #8DaysToBelieve.
Both skin concerns can be addressed with two high efficacy Biotherm pre-essences, that are able to recover skin by reactivating its regenerating power whatever its age or condition:
In a perfect world, your skin would be perfect too. Yet life often gets in the way. Stress, pollution, diet and a lack of sleep mean that our skin is powerless to resist the imprint of our 24-hour lifestyles. It becomes dull and lacking in radiance or clarity. But what if you could recover your skin – no matter what life throws at it?

Having identified a lack of clarity as one of women’s primary skin concern, BIOTHERM LIFE PLANKTON™ Clear Essence targets, recover and acts on dull and uneven skin. A force of nature to give skin a new life force, LIFE PLANKTON™ Clear Essence has been proven to transform skin:

After 8 days: Skin texture - Softer, smoother and oil-water is rebalanced
After 28 days: Skin tone & transparency - Women confirm, that friends noticed a beautiful change in skin
- Pores are less visible - Skin is more radiant, brighter and translucent as newborn like
Overtime: Skin youth - Skin keeps appears clearer, more even, less dull & yellow - 89% of women say their skin appears youthful & beautiful
*Consumer test on 84 Asian women

For years, women have been searching for the secret to clear, untarnished skin. The solution lies in Biotherm’s discovery about a fundamental first step of the skincare routine, right after toning.

Step 0 - The Fundamental Treatment:  After toning, as the first step of the skincare routine: - Apply a small amount of Life Plankton Clear Essence to improve skin clarity and skin texture. - Or apply 5-6 drops of the original Life Plankton Essence to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and skin dryness. To ignite the regenerative power of Life Plankton, shake both bottles before applying the product as the ingredient tends to sit at the bottom of the bottle.  

Step 1 - Daily care: Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion neutralizes the discomfort of sensitive skin.  And/or Life Plankton Sensitive Balm envelops the skin in restorative nourishment to soothe, re-condition and strengthen it from within. 

Step 2 - Weekly or S.O.S treatment:  Choose Life Plankton Mask – a hydrogel texture that soothes, refreshes and re-awakens a rosy skin glow. Or Life Plankton Essence in Mask – an ultra-convenient formula-infused sheet mask skin to give all ages and skin conditions newborn like skin in 8 minutes.

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