World’s First Oud-based Anti-Ageing by OUD ESSENTIALS

If you are into beauty, you had probably heard of Oud before. In fact, Oud oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the World, which is derived from the tropical agar tree. Also known as Agarwood, Oud is derived from the dark resinous wood of the Aquilaria tree, and the resin occurs in less than 7% of the trees in the wild, which makes pure Oud therefore, extremely precious. Since 2004, all species of the Aquilaria tree have been protected under the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) convention.
Many top beauty brands have incorporate Oud into fragrance, but it is our first time discover a skincare range created with Oud. Introducing World’s First Oud-based Anti-Ageing by OUD ESSENTIALS, a new Swiss-based skincare brand. OUD ESSENTIALS' Oud-based Anti-Ageing Skincare Line is set to “Change The Face Of Skincare Industry”.
Leveraging its expertise in curating a well-established and reputable global brand of luxury fragrances, OUD ESSENTIALS working together with a team of experts, which includes skincare industry professional Jean-Marc Dufat, have formulated and developed a range of organic, anti-ageing skincare products that brings together nature and science, featuring the brand’s unique patented ingredient "OudActive+™" - a super refined, purest of the pure essential oil that enhances both physical and spiritual wellbeing. It is the first time in skincare history that Oud is used as main ingredient in a skincare line.

Oud has been prized for its aroma, as well as healing and medicinal properties for thousands of years, especially in the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and China.
“Oud is rich in antioxidants, along with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which also have the ability to slow the aging process," says Nigel Mackay, CEO of Oud Essentials, Asia Pacific. “Research is currently underway to establish its efficacy in scar tissue reduction and enhancing the tone, lustre and overall health of skin.”

Mackay continues, "We've created some truly innovative products that will impact the global skincare industry in a positive way, and we know that in Oud, we have a cutting-edge ingredient that is set to change the face of skincare industry."

Todate, OUD ESSENTIALS Skincare line offers four anti-ageing products suitable for all skin types below;

Eye Serum (MYR340.00 | 15ml)

Instantly lifts, firms and moisturises the most delicate areas on the face

A luxurious formulation enriched with Pure Oud Oil designed to lift, tighten, and reduce dark circles and puffiness in the skin around the eyes. With immediate effects, continuous use will yield significant and long-lasting results in the fight against ageing.
Benefits: • Tightens the skin and reduces dark circles and puffiness on the delicate areas around the eyes. • Easily absorbed, with immediate effects and superb long-term results. • Deeply moisturises and replaces the naturally-occurring elastin and collagen that keep the skin firm. • Visibly minimises wrinkles and delicately smoothens the skin.

Oud Blanc Lightening Cream (MYR390.00 | 30ml)

For lighter, brighter complexion. Infused with Pure Oud Oil, creating a smooth, milky cream that melts into the skin to produce a noticeably silky ‘after feel’. Reduces the appearance of age spots, blemishes and scars, giving the skin a new lightness and brightness.
Benefits: • A luxurious lightening cream for bright, luminous skin. • Lightens the appearance of pigmentation and brightens overall skin tone. • Smoothens skin texture and minimises the appearance of pores.

Dual-Phase Oil (MYR390.00 | 30ml)

Instantly bathes the skin in a golden glow, while toning and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Luxurious Pure Oud, often called ‘liquid gold’, combined with an innovative blend of natural oils and minerals, perfectly balanced and formulated to provide just the right amount of moisture to keep your skin hydrated. Its vitamin-rich composition is nourishing and enriching.
Benefits: • Revitalises, moisturises and improves skin texture and tone. • Instantly rejuvenates the skin, reducing the appearance of ageing. • Non-greasy, fast drying formula allows makeup to be applied immediately afterwards.

Regenerating Serum (MYR450.00 | 30ml)

Expertly formulated active ingredients combined with the power of Pure Oud. Regenerating Serum will give an instant lifting and tightening effect to the skin, while helping to lift and firm for long-term results in reducing the signs of ageing.
Benefits: • Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory. • Works instantly, and continuous daily use will give excellent long-term results.
We like that the OUD ESSENTIALS Skincare line nourish the skin with fast absorption. We especially love the Dual-Phase Oil that gives our skin an instant radiant without any greasiness. We use them on day and night, follow with makeup in the day and we were amazed that it didn’t make our makeup flakes. Indeed, we feel that our makeup adheres to our skin better after applying OUD ESSENTIALS Dual-Phase Oil and Regenerating Serum. After using the pair for more than a week now, we noticed that our skin is firmer and more even skin tone now.
The OUD ESSENTIALS Skincare line is exclusively available online at OUD ESSENTIALS website: and instore at Fragrance Du Bois Boutique, F6 Explore Floor, Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur.
In conjunction with the Ramadan month and Raya celebrations, OUD ESSENTIALS is offering 50% OFF on your first purchase online at OUD ESSENTIALS website:, for a limited time only. Apply promo code: RAYA2018 to receive a 50% discount on their range of products and FREE shipping when you sign up as new customer and place your first order from 22nd May 2018 to 22nd June 2018.

For more information, log onto OUD ESSENTIALS website. For more up-to-date information, follow OUD ESSENTIALS on Official Facebook | Official Instagram | Official Twitter | Official LinkedIn

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