Bloggers Day Out @ Melawati Mall, Setapak

It was a lively Sunday on the last Sunday of June 2018 for a bunch of bloggers last week. I was honoured to be invited to the bloggers day out with all my blogging buddies at Melawati Mall, Setapak. I have always wanted to explore more about Melawati Mall and I was grateful that my chance has arrived.
Melawati Mall is located at Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2). You can definitely spot the mall along the MRR2 highway. The mall is big with many car park bays. We visited 27 retails outlets from 11am to 8pm at Melawati Mall that day. Scroll down to see where have we been that day.
1. San Francisco – Loving the bright and huge San Francisco store at Melawati Mall. It is full of natural lights, making it a nice place to hang out with friends and family. Tried their club sandwiches and ice blended drink, they taste good.

2. US Polo – They are having some promotions at the store.

3. Wah Chan – A new concept Wah Chan store, that displays their signature jewelry at the beautiful display wardrobe. We just wish to own every pieces of jewelry there.

4. Max Fashion – We like the huge Max Fashion store there. Originated from UAE, axFashion provides a wide range of Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Belts and accessories at affordable prices.

5. Travel Store – A store to buy travel goods from luggage, packs and bags & accessories. 

6. Elianto – Every beauty junkie would have know Elianto, a brand that offers a dynamic makeup and skincare products.

7. Common Sense - Specializes in a wide array of T-Shirts, we were happy to get our favourite t-shirt from Common Sense that day. You can view my FB Live video for more insights of Common Sense outlet @ Melawati Mall, Setapak.

8. A-Saloon - A-Saloon offers a wide range of complete personalised hair care services be it hair cut, hair treatment, hair coloring and more. You can see the interior and the service menu at my FB Live video.

9. AsterSpring - AsterSpring is a leading chain of professional skin health management salons and kiosk. We like it's facial using Dermalogica products.

10. Jubahsouq – We love the modesty style in fashion exclusively for women, men and even kids at Jubahsouq. We fell in love with their modern baju kurung hopefully can get one soon.

11. Young Hearts - Young Hearts brand is fun-loving, high-spirited, feminine and young. One can find a wide selection of daily essential lingerie products to whimsical sleepwear at Young Hearts.

12. Toys'R'Us – An heaven for the kids and big kids! Toys "R" Us is an American toy, clothing, video game, and baby product retailer. We just wish to buy everything inside the store especially the series of PJMasks collections.

13. MPH - With its vast library of titles and genres, MPH is a haven for all bookworms. It's also a great place to shop for stationery, gift, educational toys and magazines.

14. Baba Nyonya - Inspired by the rich and diverse heritage of Malaysia, Baba Nyonya serves a large selection of local cuisine in a cosy and welcoming environment.

15. NY Steak Shack - NY Steak Shack offers steaks, burgers and others with an affordable price.

16. Sapoong – We are happy to find this gem! Sapoong is a Korean restaurant operated by Korean that provides authentic Korean food at affordable prices! They have many food items offered in their menu, from appetiser, main course, desserts to beverages. We would surely go back for more!

17. Good2U - Good2U is an off-price retailer that maximizes consumer value through a combination of brand, fashion, price, and quality. Absolutely good for the avid bargain-hunter.

18. Me Clinic - ME Aesthetic Clinic is a one-stop center providing modern facilities and medispa services to fulfill your aesthetic desires. We can't wait to try out their services.

19. Kid Zone - Kidz Zone is a dedicated indoor play land where children up to 15 years of age can play. I am sure my kids gonna love this place.

20. Row Six - Located at Level 6 of the shopping mall, Row Six believes that the rich of Nanyang cuisine evolved significantly such as ingredients, cooking styles and presentation after centuries and decades of cultural assimilation with the localized dialects and lifestyle.

21. Pizza Hut - Pizza Hut dives into Ramadan by launching a special treat for Malaysians; the Madu Padu pizza. This all-new innovation celebrates togetherness, by bringing Malaysians from all walks of life together to enjoy the sweetness of kinship among friends and family this festive period.

22. Kek Span Oree - Kek Span Oree offers soft, fluffy, and freshly baked daily traditional sponge cake.

23. Hei Sushi – Great place for sushi lovers, it is HALAL hence all races can enjoy their sushi there.

24. Pet Lovers Center - Pet Lovers Center is a retail pet shop which offers dog, cat, small animals, pet food, treats, home delivery & pet grooming.

25. Daily Fresh - Daily Fresh is quite popular here with its "Grab-N-Go" snacks like waffle and many more.

26. Pappa Roti & Krist Krust - Get your favourite food & beverages here.

27. Fitness First - Fitness First is a chain of fitness clubs providing a wide array of fitness products and services including BodyFirst, Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Team Workouts and cardio machines.
The next time you want to go for shopping, dining or outing, you know where to go. For more info visit their official website at

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