[Review + Giveaway] Kinohimitsu GC Lite

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslims friends, I believe many of you are still celebrating this festive, right.

We have been gaining weight since Ramadhan buffet review 2 months ago. It has hit me so hard that I almost reach 62kg for the first time in my life! I was so worried about it as my clothes have become tight and unfit.

Thanks to 11street, they have introduced me the Kinohimitsu GC Lite, which is Kinohimitsu’s latest latest products available on 11street. In conjunction with Kinohimitsu’s Healthy & Beautiful Raya campaign, they want to make sure all of us look pretty and good in this Raya.
This is our first time trying Kinohimitsu GC Lite, which is a peach flavoured powder drink that has the benefits of suppressing appetite, blocking fat formation, boosting metabolism, and relieving constipation. It allows one to reap even more benefits from our fitness routine.
The key ingredients of Kinohimitsu GC Lite includes PI2XLIM™, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Extract, and Bifidobacterium Longum (probiotic). It is made with effective, natural slimming ingredients; no laxtives, and is SGS tested.
As an established beauty brand in Malaysia, I do not doubt the quality of Kinohimitsu. I like that Kinohimitsu GC Lite is packed in sachets that is easy to carry around even when travel. 1 box of Kinohimitsu GC Lite contains 30 sachets which is enough for a month usage.
It is very easy to consume, you can consume 1 sachet directly or mix it with 200ml of water. Take 1 sachet daily everyday 30 minutes before meal. I have been consuming 1 sachet of Kinohimitsu GC Lite every morning for 2 weeks now. It taste natural and fresh just like a peach fruit drink. It does not make my stomach feel unwell, and I actually felt full after drinking it.
Left: my weight 2 weeks before
Right: my weight now

Together with my regular workout, my weight has reduced 1kg now. This is quite impressive as I am eating my regular food as usual. It’s so good that I would love to share with all my readers. I have 3 boxes of Kinohimitsu GC Lite to giveaway to my readers. Head to my Facebook Page to participate now OK.
1 box of Kinohimitsu GC Lite contains 30 sachets x 10g is retail at RM159. You could buy it at 11street.my.

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