Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas – Organique Lavender Hand & Body Cream Set

Every Mother's Day, we have the opportunity to tell our mom how special she is with a unique Mother's Day gift. I always do not missed the chance to give her the top Mother’s Day gift. This year, I have decided to give her my favourite Organique Lavender Hand & Body Cream Set to thanks her and and I know it will certainly warm her heart.
My mother is a full time homewife, she is spending more than half of her life taking care the 4 of us. Her skins are dry and ageing as she always cook and wash for us. She has never buy any fancy and premium skincare, hence we decided to spoil her with the best Organique products.
Organique products contain its famous Olinda Spring Water with all ingredients being of native Australian origin and naturally derived, they are free of harmful ingredients which is great for the skin.
In conjunction with Mother’s Day, Organique has introduced their Lavender Hand & Body Cream Set which contains 2 great products in a luxurious box. They are;

Organique by Olinda Spring Lavender Hand Cream (75ml | N.P. RM 39)

Organique by Olinda Spring Lavender Hand Cream hand cream is rich in Lavender essential oil that deeply moisturizes and restores smoothness of your hand, whilst helping to reduce wrinkles and dark spots.
This would be handy to mum as her hands are rough and dry. I love that it nourish mom’s hands almost immediately without any greasy feel. She can apply it throughout the day as she likes.

Organique by Olinda Spring Lavender Body Cream (200ml | N.P. RM 59)

A luxurious body cream rich in Lavender essential oil which deeply moisutrises and restores smoothness to your skin, whilst helping to reduce wrinkles, scars and dark spots.
We like this moisturizing body lotion that provides long-lasting hydration that instantly replenishes, rebalances & softens skin.

Mommy and I love the natural lavender scent of the Organique by Olinda Spring Lavender Hand Cream and body cream. The scent is relaxing and calming, made her sleeps well at the night. More importantly, I know these wonderful products will improve the health of mom's skin. Her skin will be nourished and healthy once again!
The original price of these two products is RM 98. Now, we get it at only RM 88
from Lazada at Don’t miss out the great deals to get the top gift for your mother this Mother’s Day.

For more information on Organique by Olinda Spring, kindly visit their Website | Facebook Page | Instagram

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