The Launch of New Global Milbon’s Repair, Anti Frizz & Volume Haircare Range

Milbon, Japan's no.1 professional haircare brand whose sole mission is to provide helpful tools and solutions for stylists worldwide to together realize "Beautiful Hair, Beautiful People" has once again launched a cutting-edge range for us. With five decades of advanced damage research delivered a major breakthrough, Global Milbon introduced 3 New Series of products specifically designed to repair never-before seen parts of your hair.
We were honoured to be invited to the exclusive launch of new Global Milbon products at Shook! Star Hill Gallery. The 3 New Series, namely Repair, Anti-Frizz & Volume were displayed at every corner remarking that they are now added into the Global Milbon haircare range.
The new Repair range is suitable for people like me, who are having damaged hair due to excessive coloring and styling. With double repair technology, Repair range restores hair to look, feel and behave as if it had never been damaged in the first place. It has a warm, sweet scent that is delighting when using.
Anti-Frizz range developed with Aqua Balancing Technology gives moisturizing ingredient to control frizz, while also defining natural waves and curls. Bonus is it comes in refreshing and juicy scent that refresh your frizz hair and annoying mood in no time.
Volume range is developed for fine, flat hair. It strengthening hair cuticle with persimmon tannin to create lift, body and volume. Extra bonus is that this range has a refreshing, botanical scent that is so floral everyone would love.
Many people who have tried out the Global Milbon loves their wonderful high quality products. The complete range now include Smooth, Moisture, Repair, Anti-frizz, Volume and Scalp for different needs of everyone. Now, we can regain beautiful hair now with the advice of professional stylist at Global Milbon salons.
milbon - 360° Beautiful Hair, Hair that's healthy and beautiful from any angle, inside and out. For more information on Global Milbon, go to their Facebook Page.

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