The Launch of Stella Maison in Malaysia

Earlier this year, we witnessed the launch of Stella Maison in Malaysia. The grand launch event took place at Metal Bees, Sunway damansara on a lovely evening. It was attended by a lot of VIP and guests, everyone dressed so well for this grand event.
The event place was nicely decorated into a garden, so dreamy and so ramantic. From the launch, we know that Stella Maison is a luxe-fragrance body care brand founded in 2012. It provides the finest salon fragrances & luxurious body care formulation, designed in London.
Stella Maison sends us on a journey of the senses. Enhancing emotions, elevating moments of indulgence. It has a range of body wash and body lotions for everyone from sunrise to sunset. The body wash range comes is a convenient pump bottle. While the body lotion range compliments the beautifully scents body wash.
For more information on Stella Maison, visit Website or Facebook Page.

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