The Launch of L’erbolario Algadetox Skincare Range

L’erbolario, the Italy brand with more than 30 years history has recently launched their latest skincare range, namely “Algadetox”. We all know that our body needs detoxification to neutralize, transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins, what about our skin?

In today’s polluted and stressful environment, it is indeed a need to detox our skin and hence L'ERBOLARIO has created the special recipes of the Algadetox line with the aim of defending and purifying our skin. Algadetox skincare range offers products that draw all their anti-radical and protective virtues from algae and micro-algae. Now, we can protect our skin with L'ERBOLARIO Algadetox range.
Just like other lines in L’erbolario brand, Algadetox line does not contain parabens, potential sources of gluten, formaldehyde donor, mineral oils, acrylates, silicones, preserva tives and PEG-derivaties.

range includes a Day Face Cream, Face Cream-Mask, a Cleansing Oil-Gel and a Face Beauty Activator. They have been clinically tested and that will be indispensable for a luminous, detoxified and compact skin.

Cleansing Oil-Gel (100ml | RM 199)
We find the Cleansing Oil-Gel rather interesting. This clear gel contains white microspheres of jojoba oil, which melt down with the heat of the fingers. And when the spheres melt, the gel turns into oil. Wet your hands and massage your skin to emulsify the cleansing oils. You will find the oil dissolving under your fingers and turning a milky white. My skin feels fresh and clean after rinsing off.

Day Face Cream (50ml | RM 335)

A Day Cream to tone, moisturise and combat the effects of various forms of environmental stress through the beneficial properties of different species of Algae. Formulated with the polysaccharides of Laminaria digitata Algae to prevent heavy metals and smoke from depositing on the skin, combined with the anti-radical properties of Sargassum muticum Algae as well as the extract of Moringa, Klamath Algae and Vitamin C. It comes with SPF 15 to protect our skin from UV rays.

Face Cream-Mask / Night Mask (50ml | RM 365)

A unique Night cream, which can also be used as a Mask once per week, will repair the delicate skin of your face after any environmental stress. With Sargassum muticum Algae and Green microalgae (chlorella) to provide an antiradical and anti-ageing action, and moringa extract to restore the barrier effect of the epidermis.

Face Beauty Activator (15ml | RM 255)

Our favourite pick from the range would be the Face Beauty Activator as it will reawaken the radiance of our skin, making it more toned and firm with just a few drops. Comes in a dropper bottle, we can easily mix a few drops on beauty activator in our face cream or mak. Formulated with Laminaria ochroleuca algae and Microalgae oil, it will make our skin more toned, firm and protected from environmental stress.
Now, start defense and purifying our skin with L’erbolario Algadetox Skincare Range to achieve a glowing skin, purified skin.
L’erbolario Algadetox Skincare Range is already available at all L'ERBOLARIO stores (The Gardens Mall, Bangsar Shopping Mall, 1 Utama and Isetan KLCC). For more information, visit L’erbolario Facebook Page.

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