NYX Professional Makeup Malaysia Opening @ Mid Valley Megamall

When the affordable professional makeup brand open at our most favourite shopping mall, how could we resist making a visit? 
NYX Professional Makeup brings you the best of cosmetics and makeup accessories! Hailing from LA, it has a global following of makeup enthusiasts who favor quality at affordable prices.
So we made our way to the brand new NYX Professional Makeup Malaysia store at Mid Valley Megamall on the lovely Saturday morning, 15th Apr 2018. Seen there were all the makeup enthusiasts queue to go into the store and shop!
There were variety of activities for the fans, gifts with purchase, post on social media to get freebie, makeup demo and many more. Congratulations to the ones that have won the grand prizes!
From creamy lipsticks to dazzling eyeshadow palettes, which is your favourites?

1 comment:

mushy zaini said...

hi follow here :D
Seriously. wow! so lucky people in Selangor hwaaa

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