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I always love to play makeup. I was given some cosmetics products to try from Bell HYPOAllergenic recently. Honestly, it was my first time knowing about the brand, and I was pretty impressed by its hypoallergenic line of colour cosmetics. When googling about the brand, it is interesting to find out that the brand is a leading Polish brand, and has been selling for over 30 years in Central, Eastern and Western Europe. Now, it has comes to Singapore and Malaysia, expended to about 50 countries in the World.
We like that Bell HYPOAllergenic Cosmetics products are fragrance free, tested under supervision of a dermatologist and very well tolerated by sensitive skin. Available exclusively at Caring Pharmacies, let’s see what we have to say on some of their products below.

HYPOAllergenic Mat & Soft Make-up Range

HYPOAllergenic Mattifying and Smoothing Makeup Base
(RM 52.90)
A base that is gentle to the skin, delicate in texture and unscented formula. The fluid is in light pink tone, made my skin look glowing after application. It is easy to apply on skin and leaves a dewy effect of optically smoothed complexion.

HYPOAllergenic Mattifying Fluid (RM 59.90)
A lightweight, oil-free liquid foundation for a natural look. My skin feels comfortable after applying the makeup base and mattifying fluid. They gives me a dewy finish which I like.

HYPOAllergenic Camouflage Concealer
(RM 45.90)
A four colors multi-task concealer palette to camouflage every flaws. We can use the colors for different purposes below;

Green – to hide vascular lesions and redness. Apply it pointwise onto the areas prone to irritation and redness before foundation.

Pink – brightens and conceals signs of fatigue. Makes the skin brighter and fresh. Perfect for grey, fatigue skin and best for people with dark skin to hide dark circles under.

Apricot - to cover dark circles.
You can also blend the shades to find your best match. I like this multi-task concealer palette that instantly correct, conceal and cover up the signs of ageing including fine lines, pigmentation, dark circles and redness.

HYPOAllergenic Satin and Creamy Eyeshadow (01, 02, 03 | RM 39.90) 
A five colors eyeshadow palatte. The covering is in subtle shades. I like that the eye shadows have creamy, light formula that provides durability of eye makeup without the impression of heavy eyelids. The texture is velvet and smooth. I use this for a natural day makeup most of the time.

HYPOAllergenic Eye Liner Pencil (10, 20 | RM 39.90)
HYPOAllergenic Eye Liner pencil is easy and convenient to use, does not require sharpening.

HYPOAllergenic Tint Eyeliner Pen (RM 39.90)
Contained in the ink dyes impart a uniform finish, and long, thin tip allows you to make precise strokes of color.

HYPOAllergenic Creamy Lipstick (02, 05, 06, 07, 08, 11, 12, 25 | RM 45.90)
My current favourite lipstick, the formula is creamy and smooth to apply on lips. It glides on easily on my lips. Thanks to the ingredients of vitamin E, lips are additionally moistened with intense coverage.

HYPOAllergenic Creamy Rouge Glow Stick (01, 02 | RM 49.90)
HYPOAllergenic Creamy Rouge Glow Stick is in an easy to apply stick form. Just apply on the cheek area and blend it with fingers or makeup brush. The product adapts perfectly to the skin and does not deprive the natural look. Blusher is long-lasting, making complexion radiant, beautiful look rested through the day

HYPOAllergenic Contour Stick Bronzer (RM 49.90)
HYPOAllergenic Contour Stick Bronzer is in a convenient stick form. Just apply on the desired area and blend it with fingers or makeup brush. It gives the skin a healthy appearance and leaves sunny effect of light tan.

HYPOAllergenic Curling Mascara (RM 39.90)
What I like about HYPOAllergenic Curling Mascara is that it has special brush combs and prevents them from sticking together, leaving no lumps. Ideal even for very sensitive eyes.
Overall, I am satisfied with the Bell HYPOAllergenic makeup range. They are Made in EU, comfortable to use and yet very affordable. The makeup did not irritate my skin even for a whole day. Among all the products, I would strongly recommend the lipstick and Camouflage Concealer.
For more information about Bell HYPOAllergenic in Malaysia, like and follow Bell HYPOAllergenic MY Facebook Page.

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