Fast & Cheap Australia ETA Online Application for Malaysian

Hi my dear readers, I am at the lovely country, Australia when you are reading this post. Since we are going to be away for more than a week, the blog will be inactive until we are back to Malaysia. Sorry for not able to schedule any blogposts this time because I have been very busy lately.

Hence this post to share our experience on Australia ETA Online Application.

If you don’t know yet, a Malaysian we need an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority), an authorization to enter Australian territory, and is electronically linked to our passport. I remembered when we visited Australia previously; we paid quite a huge amount to local travel agency to do it for us. Well it was not too easy, as we need to go to the travel agency and provide all the information needed.

Now that everyone has an Internet, we can apply it ourselves online easily and fast too.

This time, we have applied from Australia Visa as recommended by a friend. It is pretty simple to apply, just follow the steps below;

1. Go to the website

2. Click on ‘VISA APPLICATION’ tab on the top bar

3. Select your citizenship, travelling date and number of pax.

4. Fill in the required information in the form. You will get a tracking ID, please jot it down for future reference.

5. Review the information and proceed to next step if they are correct.

6. Make payment. You can pay by credit card or online banking. We used Maybank2u to pay and get ourselves some discount for online payment.

7. Submit confirmation and wait for the approval email.

The Visa application fees was RM 25 only per person with the online banking services.

Our friend had their Visa promptly but we waited for more than 24 hours without any response from them. Hence we go back to the website and check the status by clicking on ‘STATUS’ tab and key in our tracking ID only to find out that our payment was ‘Not PAID’. In fact, the maybank2u transaction was successful, the amount was deducted from my bank. So, we have emailed to their customer support at and attached our tracking ID plus receipt for them to check and advice.

We received their approval email within hours after we sent the email.

Now, we just have to logon to the site, and print the Visa from the ‘STATUS’ page and here we go to Australia! Woohoo.

It is really simple, fast and cheap. Share with you more when we are back from our family vacation ok, xoxo.

Note: This is not an advertorial, this is purely our own experience sharing.

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