Lee Kum Kee Expands its Hope as Chef Programme to Malaysia

In furthering its efforts to promote and celebrate Chinese culinary culture in South East Asia, Lee Kum Kee, a century-old ethnic enterprise, introduced its Hope as Chef Programme in Malaysia for the first time. Through the scholarship programme, the renowned sauces and condiments brand hopes to nurture and encourage a new generation of young professional chefs to cull their recipe to success with its mission to promote Chinese cuisines worldwide.

Launched in conjunction with Lee Kum Kee’s 130th anniversary, the Hope as Chef Programme will also see a significant partnership with the Malaysia Selangor and Federal Territory Ku Su Shin Choong Hung Restaurant Association (KUSU), a reputable professional Chinese cuisine chef training centre in the country.
Ms. May Lim, Managing Director – South East Asia, Middle East, Africa & India of Lee Kum Kee, shared the inspiration behind the initiative: “At Lee Kum Kee, we believe in making a positive impact to our local community with a special focus in empowering young talents. With our mission of “Promoting Chinese Cuisines Worldwide”, we hope to create a platform for aspiring chefs in Malaysia to further hone their crafts in realising their dreams through this scholarship programme, and in the long run contributing towards the development of the Chinese culinary industry.”

“Furthermore, in nurturing a new generation of professional chefs out of today's youth, we’re also able to ensure the longevity of the Chinese culinary culture here and continuously promote it to the future generations in this country as well,” Ms. Lim added.

In honour of its 130th anniversary, Lee Kum Kee will be awarding over RM250,000 to 13 outstanding students of KUSU Chef Training Programme, supporting their 8-month culinary training leading to the completion of their diplomas. The organisation aims to advance these future chefs’ education through this programme; and hopes to encourage many more young aspiring chefs in this region.

Inking the partnership with Lee Kum Kee today, Datuk Dr. Lum Tuck Loy, KUSU’s President said: “We’re incredibly honoured to get on this partnership with Lee Kum Kee who has been an established player in the food industry for over a century. We’d like to urge more youths with passion for Chinese culinary arts to take this opportunity to enhance their techniques and skillsets to contribute back to the Chinese culinary industry in Malaysia.”

The programme that was first rolled out in China over eight years ago has benefitted 540 aspiring youngsters with passion for oriental cooking, contributing towards the development of the Chinese culinary industry and promoting Chinese cuisines worldwide. In Malaysia, with a partnership with KUSU, the programme will be providing practical and useful training to develop and nurture talented chefs to be future professionals.
For more details, please visit https://malaysia.lkk.com/my/en/Kitchen/

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