TOKUYA Malaysia @ Mont Kiara

TOKUYA is not new to many Mont Kiara people, right? Used to be inside 1MK shopping mall, TOKUYA Malaysia is now shifted to a brand new upcoming location - Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara.
I took a chance to visit it during it’s soft launch weeks ago. There were ample of car parks available at the basement of Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara with just RM 2 per entry. Took the lift up and you will find TOKUYA Malaysia at level LG1.
If you are new to TOKUYA Malaysia, let me share some details of them with you now. TOKUYA Malaysia’s tagline is ‘Purposeful Unique’. Meaning, ‘Purposeful’ in the placement of its product to inspire people to make bold decisions, ‘Unique’ in the way no one can replicate how the brand lifts the spirits of people where it seeks to bring people through a unique user journey through modern and old Japan.
There are many products that you can get from TOKUYA Malaysia. Priced from as low as RM 5.80, I can get children’s toy, color pencils, yarn, cute watering pot, personal care items and many more with just RM 5.80. 
TOKUYA Malaysia also has a range of higher end items that cost more. For example, the foot bath foot tub I bought cost me around RM 49.90 but I like it a lot since it was made with good plastic material.
I was also in love with their wooden kitchenware. I have bought quite a lot home that day too. During my visit, I have seen many people purchased household items, ceramic kitchenware, storage boxes from TOKUYA Malaysia.
Don’t just sit here and read my blog post, go check it out yourselves OK.
More information on TOKUYA Malaysia, like their Facebook Page at

TOKUYA Malaysia Address:
LG1-06 & 07, Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara, Jalan Kiara
Kuala Lumpur, 50480
Telephone no: 03-6411 2082

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