[Review] SISLEY PHYTO–BLANC Cushion Brightening Foundation SPF 30 PA+++

After trying SISLEY Phyto-Blanc makeup collection for some time now, I am always impressed with their high quality makeup product. I am glad that SISLEY will be launching their first cushion this 1st Mar 2018, and I am excited to presenting you the New SISLEY PHYTO–BLANC Cushion Brughtening Foundation SPF 30 PA+++.
Maybe you would say cushion foundation is not a new thing but the new SISLEY Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation impresses me a lot, it is the best CC Cushion from many of the other brands that I have tried. Feeling curious why? Read on to find out more.
Just like any other SISLEY products, the Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation is made with botanical extract. In fact, Sisley Research has been working on the mechanisms of melanogenesis for more than 15 years. Melanin forms due to UV rays, pollution, free radicals, and age. Without a proper care, pigmentation irregularities such as dark spots, dull complexion may appear.
SISLEY Phyto-Blanc range lightens the complexion, restores radiance to the skin, and reduces dark spots. Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation is both make-up and skincare for Asian skin as well as for any woman seeking to make her complexion lighter, more luminous, and more even. Hence, Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation not only made our skin glow instantly, it will also brighten our skin in long run.
Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation has a simple yet edgy packaging. Unlike other CC Cushion, Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation comes with an innovative casing that I like. We can pressed out any amount that we need every time, it is hygiene, and also preventing from wastage or dryness of the liquid.
To use, lightly press the pump to release the desired amount of foundation. Reapply during the day if needed. Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation has been specifically designed as part of the Phyto-Blanc skincare routine. For optimal complexion correction, you can apply Instant Correct under Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation.
Designed for Asian skin weakened by a polluted urban environment, Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation is the first shield to block UV rays and pollution. The formula is light weight, suitable for our warm weather here. It feels like my second skin, which is comfortable to wear for a whole day. The best part, it covers our flaws naturally and my dull skin looks flawless by just one application. It brightens up my skin and made it looks perfect effortlessly.

Phyto-Blanc Cushion Foundation comes in 3 beautiful shades for different skin tone;

White Opal - Natural radiance for very fair, yellowish complexions. Contains golden pearls.
White Pearl - Pink radiance for very fair, pinkish complexions. Contains pink pearls.
Light Rose - Pink radiance for fair, pinkish complexions. Contains pink pearls.
I am using White Pearl shade. It camouflage my dull skin and uneven skin tone perfectly. It last on my face for a long hours, and my skin feels comfortable even after a whole day.

SISLEY PHYTO–BLANC Cushion Brightening Foundation SPF 30 PA+++ is retail at RM460 each. Refilled Pack is also available at RM360 each. It will be available on all SISLEY counter from 1st March 2018 onwards.

For more information on SISLEY, visit SISLEY Website and like their Facebook Page.


cindyrina said...

Love to try this. super gorgeous review!

Henry Lee said...

I really can see the difference. Such a wonderful product! :)

Betty's Journey said...

Have no try this brand yet. But is time for me to refill my foundation and I can consider this. see the different in your pictures.

Wawa Ashihara said...

Interested with this foundation cushion. It have a uv protection to protect our skin and their texture also look very light and suitables with ur skin. It can give a moist to the skin or not?

Huda Halid said...

Wow, very good product and effective way to cover skin prefectly. Can't wait to try and feel the different.

Suria Amanda said...

I liked the compacter..looks cute..how about the tekstur foundation? Is it nice? Sisley's product a bit pricey isnt it but as long as good for us price is not a problem

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