Invest a New Mattress Every 10 Years for Better Health

How old is your mattress? Mine is just 2 years as I have changed my old mattress then. Many people might not know how long they have had their current mattress, some ever thought mattress is used for life. In fact, many experts have identified and concluded that we should change a new mattress every 10 years for better health.
Mattress is so close to us, and it is affecting our sleep and life so closely. A good mattress give us the optimal support for the whole night. However, mattress does age just like our skin. The mattress might lost its support over time. Besides taking good care of the mattress, for instance to put on mattress protector, it is also essential for us to invest a new mattress every 10 years.
Many people judge a mattress by its look. Actually, an old mattress that still looks good does not mean it does not need to be replaced. Imagine the old mattresses that have accumulate years and years of dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria; it is a breeding ground for millions of creepy critters that are living there right now. Many skin issue, irritation or bad sleep are actually caused by the old mattresses.

An old mattress might also reduce the sleep quality. If you wake up with sore body, most probably you might need to change your mattress immediately for the good night sleep and rest.
Some people may thought a firm mattress is the best mattress but it might not. In fact, you should choose your mattress by trying it personally before buying. A firm mattress which seems comfortable to me might not bring be the same benefits to you. Hence I would always advice people to go and try out the mattresses before making any decision to invest in new mattress.
Now, a high quality mattress is definitely worth the investment for a good 10 years sleep.

One example is LOVE SERIES from Goodnite® Malaysia. Priced from RM 1999 to RM 5199, you would definitely found your new loved mattress from the range.

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Henry Lee said...

To invest on a good mattress is like my dream come true! Nice product there! :D

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