The Beauty of Self-Defense with Shiseido Ultimune Range

No, today topic’s is not telling you how to learn self-defense. In fact, I wanted to talk about the skin’s self-defense. Just as your body’s multi-defense power keeps you away from harmful invaders, skin also has its own multi-defensive power to fight against the increasing environmental threats, emotional stress and aging that wears down your skin’s strength. To bring forth strong, beautiful skin that glows from inside and out, Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is the answer.
Shiseido looked not only on the surface for beauty, but also for deep within. With 20 years of research on skin cells, ULTIMUNE was born to realize stronger and beautiful” skin.
The effects of Ultimune is truly remarkable: enjoy smoother and suppler skin within the week. Now everyone can wave goodbye to dull and wrinkled skin and boast about strong, beautiful skin!
Power Infusing Concentrate

Its a Face Serum that consists of ingredients below;
Ultimune Complex™ – Comprising of superior, originally-developed and naturally occurring ingredients, Ultimune ComplexTM nourishes and shields your skin, and defends against the harmful effects and external hazards.
Contains a botanical blend that helps your skin’s defense against impurities.
Gingko Biloba Leaves - A natural anti-oxidant, Perilla (Eastern herb), Wild Thyme (Western herb) – known for their anti-bacterial properties.
Fragrance Effect
Rose, Lotus - For a feeling of relaxation

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate comes in 2 sizes, 30ml at RM270.30 and 50ml at RM376.30.

Everyone can feel how the skin is so delicate especially around their eye areas, compared to the cheeks. Even with diligent eye care, there are still unattended concerns around the eyes. To curb all women’s skin concerns, Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate adds rich moisture and strength that comes from within the skin, giving you smooth and supple skin instantly. Not only will you feel your skin around the eye area becoming more resistant to aging, but it also boosts the effect of your current eye care products.

Its dewy texture will help protect the eye area with a silky veil, as well as enhancing the skin’s multi-defensive power to fight skin damage. Enjoy a more radiant, resilient and brighter eye area with Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate!
Ultimune Eye
Power Infusing Eye Concentrate (Eye Serum) 

The Ultimune Eye 15ml is retails at RM249.10.

Both Ultimune  and Ultimune Eye comes in attractive and auspicious Red packaging. They are already available in all Shiseido counters nationwide.
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