Nestle Omega Plus #MyCNYGoodieBag

Chinese New Year is a season of gifting to relatives and friends traditionally. Hence there are so many hampers available on the market, because we believed that every food item gifted to our loved ones are symbolic and full of meaning. For example, a pair of mandarin oranges (kam) representing gold, Glutinous rice cakes (Nian gao) representing ‘height’ and growth, and pineapple tarts (Ong Lai) meaning prosperity in Hokkien.
Asides from these traditional prosperity food items, this year we have also considered Nestle Omega Plus to gift to my in laws. In celebration of a healthy heart, we decided to send them Nestle Omega Plus which representing a wishing of good heart health.
Why Nestle Omega Plus? It contains ACTICOL® that is scientifically proven to lower cholesterol by blocking the bad cholesterol from entering the blood stream. You can read more on my previous blog post where I have introduced this healthy drink in detailed.
My in law are happy with our CNY goodie bag this year, as Nestle Omega Plus red packaging is a auspicious colors for Chinese. Not only that, with consumption of 2 glasses of Nestle Omega Plus milk a day, it fulfill of our daily calcium needs and contains the right balance of Omega 3 & 6, and it also contains 1.2g of ACTICOL® which helps reduce cholesterol naturally. Nestle Omega Plus is totally suitable for my in law’s lifestyle. Together with healthy diets and regular exercise, I believe they will grow old healthily and happily.

It’s time to kick start a Good Heart year with Nestle Omega Plus. It comes in milk powder and UHT packet drink types.

For more information on Nestle Omega Plus, go to


Blair Villanueva said...

Wow that's an awesome goodie bag. Nestle Omega is so generous! Enjoy :)

Sharon Lee said...

That was a lovely and healthy goodie bag from Nestle omega! Read some really good review about them!

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