GIVENCHY by Riccardo Tisci F/W 2016 Eyewear Collection

GIVENCHY presents its new Fall/Winter 2016 eyewear collection. Pursuing the avant-garde design approach initiated with the Spring/Summer season, Givenchy strengthens the eyewear aesthetics and codes of the Maison. The collection channels unisex and oversized shapes, as well as materials mix.
Iconic detailing, subtly incorporated in the various styles, conveys Givenchy’s unique identity and distinctive signature.

The Givenchy F/W 2016 eyewear collection includes four stylistic groups:

• STYLE: avant-garde pieces with architectural and strong shapes.

GIVENCHY « WIRE » MOD. GV 7028/S & MOD. GV 0027
A timeless shape combining an acetate frame with tailored metal wires. The metal staple has been over-emphasized on this squared model for a classic yet bold look.
Color palette: the sunglasses are available in white and brown lenses, dark havana and dark grey shaded lenses, black and green lenses, black and brown shaded lenses.
The optical frame is available in white and gold, light havana and gold copper metal, dark havana and gold, black and palladium, metal black and dark ruthenium.

The frame of this oversized shape features metallic and an acetate wires circling the lenses. A round and lightweight design for a minimal yet sophisticated look.
Color palette: gold copper and beige with brown shaded lenses, palladium and brick with grey mirror shaded silver lenses, palladium and black with grey shaded lenses, gold and black with dark grey shaded lenses.

• ICONS: refined frames combining Givenchy DNA and current trends.

Featuring the iconic “staple” detail and flat lenses, these sunglasses are characterized by their minimal and lightweight design. A perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.
Color palette: palladium with green lenses, metal gold with brown lenses, semi-matte gold with nicotine lenses.


Unisex and easy to wear, this softly-squared acetate frame is characterized by the Givenchy staple detail and a metal bridge.
Color palette: transparent dark green, dark grey, dark havana, black.

• STAR: timeless shapes featuring the iconic “star” detail.

Unisex and timeless, this acetate frame features the Givenchy stylized star split between the front and the temples. The transparent nuances of the temples subtly expose the metal wire-core with the engraved new “star” pattern.
Color palette: honey and palladium, dark havana and gold, black and silver, black and palladium.

• RAVE: edgy, urban styles with bright colors and an audacious materials mix.

Directly inspired from mountaineering sunglasses, this model features removable leather spoilers embossed with the iconic “star” pattern. The rounded shape and rubber over-injection enhance its sporty and technical aspect.

Color palette: shiny white and beige with brown-silver flash lenses, transparent grey and brown with grey-green lenses, brown and black with brown lenses, brown and red with flash bronze lenses, shiny black and white with brown-grey lenses, shiny black and red with flash red lenses.

An oversized yet light and super-flat squared mask that combines plastic material and rubber with bold contrasting colors.

Color palette: white and beige with brown shaded lenses, transparent grey and brown with brown shaded lenses, brown and black with blue shaded lenses, brown and red with green shaded lenses, black and white with dark grey shaded lenses.

The color palette comprises classic shades and edgy color contrasts reinforced by metallic injections. The new collection is available at Givenchy boutiques, high-end opticians and quality department stores.

The Givenchy collection of sunglasses and optical frames is produced and distributed by Safilo Group, the fully integrated Italian eyewear creator and worldwide distributor, whose heritage in eyewear product creation and manufacturing dates back to 1878: a story of innovation and cutting-edge capabilities, the result of time, effort, skill, and dedication.


Shiv B said...

Love the designs of the sunglasses babe and with Givenchy, their solid frames do certainly make a statement as well.

Travellover23 said...

The sunglasses look so stylish ! Wish to have one ^^

仙妮 said...

Awesome design! I wish to have a pair myself too, will check it out soon :)
cheers, siennylovesdrawing

PR Daily PH said...

They look so chic and stylish! This is very timely since I am looking for a perfect gift for my hubby. Will definitely check these out.

Mhaan |

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