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I’m gratitude to be a mother of two lovely girls. But I have a feeling that it’s getting more and more expensive to raise a kids over the years. Inflations, bad economy and moreover with the extremely expensive treatment fees charged by the professional pediatrician, we always find money is not enough.  And hence keeping the kids healthy in order to avoid doctor visits is always prudent.
Sadly, my elder daughter was born with weak immune system and hence she gets sick easily. She always catches a fever, cough and flu easily.
While my younger daughter is not as bad as the elder one, still she gets constipation easily due to her cravings for biscuits.
What’s more, with the haze and terrible weather (where the normal hot season has turned haywire to hot and cold in a day), my girls fall sick more frequently. Not only that, they have suffer from skin irritation and asthma sometime.
I have been feeding them supplements but it has not improved much, and hence I am always thinking of the ways to improve their health. I have been researching by joining some parenting forums and discussed about this topic with other parents. Recently, I was introduced to NANO Japan Kids Booster that’s call “Biogenie” by some mothers there. I checked the price is quite affordable so I ordered a few bottles to try.
Apparently NANO Japan Biogenie is the most advance and effective booster supplement for kids. According to the brand, it helps improves Gut Health (IMMUNE SYSTEM), Reduce Flu, Cough, HFMD, Inflammation, Constipation, Bacteria Infections. Eventually kids will be concentrating better and be more alert too.

NANO Japan Biogenie contains active ingredients of 35-active strains from 16 types of good bacteria incl. LactoGG, Bifidus etc. The formula is based on ancient Japan scripture, and is clinically proven in top universities in Japan.
I love that it’s made in Japan, means I wouldn’t need to worry about the quality of the product. The glass bottle is packed in a paper box that is printed with information on the product. One bottle 30ml is enough for a month (30 days) consume for a kid.
It is recommended to consume 1 to 2ml per day (1ml per suction from dropper) per day.
How to Consume?

Add/ release 1 to 2 suction of Nano Biogenie into any drinks/ beverage. Take before bed once a day. If kid is unwell, take twice a day.
It is easy to use as NANO Japan Biogenie comes in a dropper. The product is transparent and comes with sourly taste. I normally add it into their orange juices. 
The orange juice taste even better with Nano Biogenie added. They love the orange juices, and always asked for more.
Once open, please keep the product in fridge. I usually keep it at the upper level to avoid the kids from taking it because it’s in glass bottle that need to handle with care. 
After finishing a bottle of Nano Biogenie, my kids have become healthier. In fact, my girls were perfectly OK even during the hottest seasons in CNY, plus with the viruses from the crowd, they were OK.
I am glad that my elder daughter has a better immune system, and better appetite now. She is better concentration while learning too.
While my younger daughter has smooth bowel movement everyday now. She no longer crying when past motion. And her sensitive skin is better now, and her rashes and eczema have reduced too.
As they say, Prevention is better than cure, healthy kids grow up stronger. I’d highly recommend NANO Japan Biogenie for age 1 year old onwards. Especially for illness recovery, weak constitution before travelling or few days before mingling in crowded places, you could cleanse away inner harmful bacteria and inflammation with consuming NANO Japan Biogenie twice a day.

Guess what, it is suitable for expecting mothers too! Give baby a head start for a healthy immune system. So get yours’ now at Qoo10, Lazada, Rakuten, 11th Street in Malaysia.

For more information on Nano Biogenie, please visit Qoo10 Singapore website at


alan lim said...

New Product, can introduce to friend.

Amelie Yap said...

can't deny. everything from Japan is good! haha.

cre8tone said...

Wow! First time hear this product.. Looks good! I always wanna look for prevention's product!

Jazz & Trista said...

You have a great family, hope your kids grow healthy everyday~

Sherry Go Sharing said...

wow the kids are growing up :D

hehe. this brand dont know until I read here.

FiSh said...

yes kids' health is very important to ensure healthy growth :) better to boost their immunity since young

Tony Johor Kaki said...

Thanks for sharing. I am keeping this in mind as a possible gift idea. Should be appreciated by families with young children.

Miera Nadhirah said...

Must look into getting one for my daughter... hehehe... she does have problems with flu and stomach and such

FexInc said...

Nice kids hope you enjoy

cindyrina said...

Good for kids! remember those drink this kind of syrup but forgot the name .

Emily said...

I'm glad to read that your children's health have improved. Will recommend this to my friends who are parents.

Leona Lim said...

where to get this product dear, i search online but can't find also

Isaac Tan said...

a good product for the kid's health.. to boost their health and system. good share rane

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