Spring/Summer 2016 Beauty - Lancôme Spring Summer 2016 Collection

The Spring and Summer is here, yay! (Although we can’t feel much difference here in Malaysia lol) It’s the season that Ballerina beauty is in full effect, and the trend to look as though you just stepped out of a winter fairytale. We have seen the emphasis on pastels colours in the latest fashion and makeup trends.
Lancôme has launched their Spring Summer 2016 Collection back in January. An imaginary journey infused with grace and lightness has inspired Lancôme for its spring 2016 make-up collection.
The heroine of this Parisian tale re-connects with her childlike side to imagine looks with new-found sensuality, both elegant and delicate, playing with innovative textures and zesty colour. Neo-pastels with soft pop tones, but always with an ultra-contemporary twist. I love the collection as it is perfect for girly type like me. The colors are sheer and dreamy, with sweet pink, sweet blue etc on eyes, cheeks, and lips. 
Let’s look at what we have in the Lancôme Spring Summer 2016 Collection ok.
MY PARISIAN PASTELS (Limited Edition | RM200 ( inclusive of GST))
The dream becomes reality: the iconic cube of our childhood is transformed into the most desirable of palettes, the star product for spring 2016.
This marvellous cheek and eye palette pushes the all-in-one concept into a totally new dimension, where creativity becomes limitless. Its nine daring colour cubes, nine iridescent pastels, offer infinite combinations to delight every woman’s inner child. More than ever, make-up becomes playful: an adventure divested of rules, where freshness always prevails.
Sparkling pastels
Little individual cubes united to form a multi-coloured cube, the 9 shades of My Parisian Pastels can be used in a multitude of ways: alone for a localised touch of colour, mixed together for a healthy-glow halo or in duos or trios for graduated pastel effects… no rules, only the means to satisfy every desire. The 9 shades are divided into 3 corrective shades, 3 blush tones and 3 illuminating pastels. But nothing is set in stone, everything can be switched up. Whether applied directly to skin like a chalk or delicately blended with a brush, the compact iridescent powder texture adapts to every inspiration.

Subtly vintage packaging

These beautiful pastel cubes nestle in a little metallic case that looks just like a childhood box of crayons. The pack is customised by the collection’s signature illustration: a Parisienne walking her little dog over the Paris rooftops on a beautiful spring day with a bouquet of balloons in her hand, carrying the message From Lancôme With Love.

Mix and match

Lancome Make-up Creative Director, Lisa Eldridge has imagined application tips for every woman to make her own. 
Face: Sweep a flat brush or kabuki across a horizontal row to take up a blend of corrective, healthy glow or illuminating colours.
Eyes: Pick up a cube and apply the colour directly to the lid, pressing down more or less firmly to create the desired intensity and shimmer effect.

MY PARISIAN BLUSH (Limited Edition | RM145 (inclusive of GST))

The other star product for spring 2016 is this blush: playful and visually irresistible in equal measure. Balloon-round and decorated in pop colours reminiscent of a sweet shop, it promises the healthy glow and effortless radiance adored by the Parisienne.

Instantly addictive, the surprise lies in its Play-doh texture: delightfully the finger presses in, reminiscent of Proust’s madeleine. Here, this nostalgic dough becomes a beauty tool, enlivening the cheeks with irresistible freshness.
Dressed in an illustrated metal case, it is available in two subtly zesty shades:
01 Corail de Ville, a fruity orange for irresistible cheeks.

02 Rose Haussmann, a flush-effect bluish pink which infuses the face with emotion.
Behind the texture’s incredibly playful appearance lies a technological innovation allowing for the most intuitive application imaginable. The product melts as it is applied in circular strokes with the fingertips over the apples of the cheeks. The result? A sheer colour veil that simply fuses with skin.

Mix and match
A tip from Lisa Eldridge: Use a beautifying hint of Lip Lover gloss at the centre of the lips over the same tone of Rouge In Love. For a mouth-watering vinyl effect, apply it alone in a generous layer for plump and simply irresistible lips

HYPNÔSE PALETTE (Limited Edition | RM160 (inclusive of GST))
The Hypnôse Palette offers five coordinated shades and unlimited possibilities to embellish eyes with soft, romantic hints or bolder, more sensual effects. Four graduated tones - from the darkest to define and intensify eyes, to the lightest and most radiant to illuminate - are complemented by a fifth, brighter pop shade; the fun feminine wildcard to personalise a woman’s look:

DO12 Paris Merveilleux, a palette of warm, intense tones like a spring sunrise, with a zesty orange able to awaken eyes in a wave of freshness. 
Zamri Zainol & his pretty model

During the bloggers preview event, we had learned the makeup using the collection as demo by the professional Zamri Zainol, Lancome Malaysia Makeup Artist.
Click to view the video
Not only that, we were divided into 4 groups and had fun playing with the LANCÔME Spring Collection 2016 too. We took turn to do a quick makeover for our teammate in half an hour time. And guess what, Sabby and I won the best makeover amongst all the teams! It was so surprised, thank you Lancôme Malaysia for the fun and playful moment.
My Spring/Summer 2016 Look with Lancôme Spring Summer 2016 Collection

The LANCÔME SPRING COLLECTION is already available at all Lancôme counters nationwide. Guys, quickly get them for your sweet girlfriends this coming Valentines. And girls, it’s time to get it ourselves for that fairytale Spring and Summer beauty look.
For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/LancomeMY


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

the packaging is so cute

FiSh said...

the new collection looks so pretty with pastel shades. love the sweet colors!

Miriam said...

The spring collection is seriously so pretty! So tempted to get them

Sherry Go Sharing said...

lovely! love your makeup too, shall check the outlet soon.

Isaac Tan said...

wah rane.. so pretty here! i like it.

Bembem said...

What a collection, my eyes on that Parisian pastel. Btw You looked pretty dear :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

Such pretty colours... I wish I can be a part of these kind of event too...you look so gorgeous...

Caroline said...

Love the shades! They are so versatile!

Ivy Kam said...

I like this brand for its quality, would like to try out some of their spring-summer collection too :)

nurmisnan said...

wahhh.. u n sabby win.. congrats
ilove d cover and colours.. so magic

Leona Lim said...

I love this look you have Rane, so pretty, Lancome is definitely a great brand to have, even the skincare is great too

Rawlins GLAM said...

I love the palette and the packaging. So cute and beautiful.
Lucky girls - now you have more toys to play around with.

Arisa Chow said...

The tones suits your skin color very well, fresh and vibrant looking as always babe!

Unknown said...

walawei..great team! sabby should be makeup artist lah. love lancome so much. and this pastel shades iss so gorgeous!

Shiv B said...

The colors are seriously pretty Rane - especially for Spring! Plus congrats to you and Sabby - you guys did such a refreshing take on the look! <3

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