OISHI Green Tea Lychee - So Refreshing, So Oishi!

If you love the delicate sweet taste of lychee and the refreshing flavours of green tea, you’re in for a treat, as OISHI Green Tea has just unveiled its latest addition to its family of products: OISHI Green Tea Lychee! Available since 1 December 2015, the newest product in OISHI Green Tea’s range of ready-to-drink green tea delivers an “out of this world” experience by combining the two ingredients together to create an exciting new beverage that delivers a delicious burst of flavours that is truly unique. 
The new flavour was made available following the findings from a market research study by Nielsen, which was specially commissioned by F&N Beverages. Based on the results of the study, F&N Beverages discovered that lychee is a popular fruit with Malaysians, loved for its naturally sweet flavour, and is one of the top three flavours in the ready-to-drink juices category. The research also indicated that there are not many beverages that combine both the flavours of green tea and lychee, effectively presenting OISHI Green Tea the opportunity to develop a new product that meets the needs of the consumers who are looking for healthier alternative beverage options. 
Ms. Lorraine Tan (third from right) and Ms. Ng Cheng Ying (second from right) officiating at the OISHI Green Tea Lychee launch with the Neko Cat, OISHI Green Tea’s mascot.

“The taste of lychee and green tea complements each other well, imparting OISHI Green Tea Lychee a pleasant yet uniquely light and refreshing flavour that is certainly out of this world. Lychee is an outstanding favourite with Malaysians, as it is a fragrant fruit loved for its naturally sweet flavour. We believe Malaysians looking for healthier alternative beverage options will be happy to know that we are now offering a beverage that combines the best of green tea and lychee in one bottle,” said Ms. Lorraine Tan, Senior Marketing Manager at F&N Services Sdn. Bhd. 
OISHI Green Tea is made from 100% fresh organic green tea leaves, grown on certified organic plantations. Only three of the best and youngest green tea leaves are carefully handpicked from the tip of each branch. The leaves are then masterfully brewed to OISHI’s signature tea recipe to capture the authentic yet delicate taste of Japanese green tea. It is brewed without any preservatives, artificial flavours or colouring. Rich in natural nutrients, it delivers a truly authentic Japanese flavour and distinctive aroma.
Torched Hokkaido Scallops & Lychee Tartare

During the media launch event recently, we were treated with the wonderful lychee-inspired meal at mei by fat spoon, Sri Hartamas. The 6 course lunch was kicked off with Torched Hokkaido Scallops & Lychee Tartare. Followed with Fried Lychee Poppers, Smoked Duck & Lychee Croissant, Unagi & Shiso Onigiri balls (Our most favourite of the day!), Torched Salmon Rice Bowl and Passionfruit, Lychee & Kaffir Lime Pavlova. 

Fried Lychee Poppers
Smoked Duck & Lychee Croissant

“Building on our achievements of the last two years, we plan to take OISHI Green Tea in Malaysia further. This year, we are planning to strengthen our marketing efforts by bringing in new flavours to constantly keep our consumers excited about our latest products. As one of the leading beverage manufacturers in the country, F&N Beverages is always looking for innovative ways to enhance our product offerings for customers,” added Ms. Tan.
Unagi & Shiso Onigiri balls

She said: “OISHI Green Tea Lychee is just the first step for us to expand our range, as the OISHI Green Tea brand continues to grow in Malaysia, part of every occasion, celebration or everyday moment. As a healthy beverage alternative, it is becoming the ideal accompaniment for any day or time, be it a meal with friends or a trip to the movies.” 
Torched Salmon Rice Bowl
Passionfruit, Lychee & Kaffir Lime Pavlova

OISHI Green Tea Lychee is manufactured in Malaysia and distributed by F&N Beverages. It is available in a variety of sizes including 250ml Tetra pack, 300ml can and 380ml bottle priced at RM1.35, RM2.00 and RM2.20 respectively.

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