11street Announces Future Plans to Reward Consumers at ‘LOVE 11’, its First Korean-Inspired Celebration Event

Online marketplace 11street today reinforced its customer commitment by revealing new strategic plans for its mobile app and signature ‘Shocking Deals’, and have chosen the 11th of each month as its ‘LOVE 11’ Day to surprise shoppers with great deals and giveaways.
L-R: HAHA, the popular Korean entertainer who is best known as the co-host for Running Man, Hoseok Kim, and Emily Chan release a pool of colourful balloons to launch ‘LOVE 11’ celebration at LOT 10 today.

11street announced its latest commitment at its inaugural Korean – inspired celebration event at Lot 10, which focused on rewarding Malaysian shoppers for their immense support over the past 8 months. As of today, we are ranked a top 40 website in the country and our online marketplace has more than seven (7) millions of quality products selling at competitive prices.
Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street announces that the company will be focusing on enhancing mobile app and its signature ‘Shocking Deals’ in order to provide consumers better benefits and an elevated shopping experience.

As a form of acknowledgement and gratitude, 11street’s CEO, Hoseok Kim unveiled their biggest giveaway of the year for Malaysian shoppers in the amount of RM11 million as a year-end treat. Starting from today until 31 December, shoppers can redeem daily offers of deals and coupons with up to 90% discounts.
L-R: Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street and Emily Chan, 11street’s brand ambassador happily unveil 11street’s largest giveaway of the year whereby consumers can expect up to RM11million worth of irresistible deals and discounts from Nov 11 right up to December 31st as a year end treat from the online marketplace.

We selected November 11 to announce these commitments because it is a day that is symbolic to our brand name; It is also a day that 11ST Korea celebrates widely by giving back to its consumers, motivated by the Korean annual practice of showing affection to loved ones on November 11. We too were inspired to host our first ‘LOVE 11’ celebration in Malaysia, and to mark the 11th of every month as our ‘LOVE 11’ Day to reward fans and loyal customers with great offers,” Kim said.
Fans and consumers enjoy HAHA’s performance at the ‘LOVE 11’ celebration event today. 

Strategic Plans for 2016
November 11th also provided 11street the perfect opportunity to look back at its recent achievements and what the future holds, as it announced future strategies that were anchored to empowering consumers to continue finding what they love at 11street.

i)    More quality products for ‘Shocking Deals’ promotions
Since April, 11street’s ‘Shocking Deals’ and its lowest price guarantee (LPG) promise have enabled many shoppers to purchase their favourite items at the most competitive prices. Today, 11street revealed plans to double its variety of product listings for its ‘Shocking Deals’ by early 2016. This signifies its continued commitment to be a trustworthy source for the most price competitive deals with the widest variety in the country.

“Shocking Deals’ have always been the cornerstone of our business, and is one of our greatest commitments for local consumers to enjoy our LPG promise. As of today, we are happy to share that when it comes to our lowest price guarantee refund, we received close to 0% of claims, which reinforces how well Shocking Deals are managed at 11street as a reliable source of price competitive products in Malaysia,” Kim shared.
Fans and consumers enjoy HAHA’s performance at the ‘LOVE 11’ celebration event today. 

ii)   Stronger mobile app strategy for enhanced shopping experience

According to a Nielsen report, the growth of connected devices have paved the way for a positive increase in the e-commerce sector with 47% of Malaysians using their smartphones to shop online. In fact, the use of mobile for online purchases is growing in popularity with the country ranking sixth out of top 10 markets globally for mobile shopping. This is further evidenced by the fact that close to 50% of traffic to 11street is generated on mobile devices.

Kim further shared, “Today, the 11street mobile shopping app is already one of the most popular apps in Malaysia. Listed as one of the top 3 shopping app on the Malaysian Google Playstore, we are pleased by this achievement as we have always placed great importance in offering a convenient mobile shopping experience for all users.”

In 2016, 11street will further place a stronger focus to serve mobile shoppers through a two pronged approaches by providing more curated content with an improved user interface and user experience designs (UI/UX), along with additional personalized features for greater customer experience; at the same time, 11street will be offering more mobile exclusive value deals and discounts.

By continuously upgrading its mobile app offering and services, 11street assures its consumers will have a more enriched mobile shopping journey.

Exclusive Premiere of Thematic TVC

11street also premiered its new two-episode television commercial (TVC) which reflects the brand’s commitment and ongoing business focus. Starring Korean superstar Lee Min Ho and Malaysian actress Emily Chan, the TVCs which will be available nationwide via free to air TV networks and 11street’s YouTube channel starting from November 16th.

To reiterate that its loyal consumers are significant to its success, consumers at the LOVE 11 event enjoyed giveaways in the form of 11,000 boxes of Pepero, 11street shopping coupons, attractive prizes from contests, giveaways, as well as great product gifts from participating brands such as SONY, Samsung, Kinohimitsu, K-market, BONIA, Lenovo, NESCAFÉ, Thermos®, and WindRider. Malaysians also enjoyed the stage performances by Korean entertainer HAHA.

“We are delighted that this flagship event has been a great success in showing 11street’s appreciation for all the support from our shoppers over the past 8 months. We remain committed to providing a superior shopping experience for all Malaysians as we move forward into the new year,” ended Kim.

For more information, please visit http://www.11street.my.


carol lam said...

can't wait for their shocking deal to kick start. That's when I'll go crazy shopping

wfc said...

yea..registered so long ago as a merchant for my studio . now lots of event/function . it's really interesting website. thx for your sharing. wish more end user get to know about 11street.

5 Little Angels said...

Looks like a great event. I miss the giveaways. Hope to join it next round.

jessytheklchic said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGG. You are so LUCKY. I Love haha! Gosh. Bet all of the girls went wild :D

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

I love online shopping, and am excited to 11Street's deals too! Haha was very friendly and nice but too bad didn't have a chance to take pic with him :(

Aliza Sara said...

Lovely event! Havent managed to shop on 11 street before. I think its about time i pay them a visit ;)

Caroline said...

I LOVE HAHA!! HAHA is love! hahaha

renaelyng said...

Wah this is good news for all the ladies out there. Sounds like a shopping spree is bound to happen! :D

FiSh said...

Omg can't believe that HAHA actually came!!! :Dso lucky of u to be there with them

Miera Nadhirah said...

oh wow.... so fast posted up already....!!! hahaha... me.. I got to clear my backlog... more reasons not to attend all events invited.. hahahaha

Rawlins GLAM said...

Another online venue to shop.
Be prepare my account - you will be violated roughly after this

Betty's Journey said...

I love Haha so much. Oppa, I want see you in person. By the way, I do shop with 11 street and I find their price is reasonable.

Selina Wing said...

I always watch the running man..Ha Ha is very funny and crazy! He really do rapper so cool! Never expect that 11street get him to make his fans very happy in Malaysia! (^.^)v

Sunshine Kelly said...

There were lots of fans especially girls were at the venue on that day.

Isaac Tan said...

11street is super aggressive. Everywhere I hear of them, surfing to their site now.

Ivy Kam said...

Aww... I missed this event, love HAHA and he was there >.<

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