[Food] Paradiso Café and Patisserie @ Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara

Do you know there is this new place in Kota Damansara namely Sunway Nexis just along the main road? I just get to know about this place and it is apparently where the famous Rail Canteen located at too. Well, I was there not for local cuisine but to visit the newly opened Paradiso Café and Parisserie which serve Western Italian food.
Thanks to the invitation, we were the first few whom went there on their soft launch. Paradiso Café and Parisserie is owned by none other but Renowned Malaysia's top Chef Azizan Shukri and his wife, Che Sue. Chef Azizan is well-known for his fine Italian cuisine, with many years of experiences he has cooked for many VIPs including Bill Clinton, Michelle Yeoh and former prime minister Tun Abdullah Badawi.
Let’s see what we had on that evening;


Fruit Salad (RM 32)
We had a big bowl of fruit salad that is the portion for 6 people. The fruit salad is so colourful and full of fresh kiwi, strawberry, peach, mango. Served with mesclum, honey vinaiggrette, mustard and olive oil, this is a healthy appetizer to kick-start the dinner. 

Prawn & Cocktail (RM 28)
Pouched prawn with Chilly Mayo and Mesclum finishing, this is another healthy appetizer. I like the prawns cooked to just nice, which remains juicy and fresh taste.
Mushroom Soup (RM 13)
You must thought mushroom soup is very common but you are wrong. Paradiso Café and Parisserie’s mushroom soup is served with in-house freshly made charcoal bread bowl.
The charcoal bread was crunchy and lightly toasted with garlic butter which I finished all in just a blink of an eye. The mushroom soup taste creamy and just nice.
Main Course

Spaghettini Duo Aglio Olio (RM 48)

Black and white pasta served with seafood, olive and rocket salad. This dish is great for seafood lover like myself. 

Salmon Trout (RM 48)
Pan-seared juicy fresh salmon trout served with in-house made creamy lemon butter and dill herbs. The salmon is skillfully grilled where it crispy outside and juicy inside. I love this dish as I am a salmon lover.
Rack of Lamb (RM 60)
Perfectly done rack of lamb served with mint, capers, cream and pineapple tart. This is my most favourite dish of the night as the rack of lamb was well seasoned. The meat was tender and juicy which I would go back for more.

Chocolate Crunchy Mousse Cake (RM 18)
My most favourite part- dessert. I am not into mousse cake because I dislike soft texture, I am also not into chocolate because it is too sweet most of the time. However, Paradiso Café and Parisserie’s chocolate crunchy mousse cake is different. It is crunchy outside and creamy inside, I wouldn’t mind to have more of this sinfully good dessert. To be honest, I give it 5 star because it is same as 5 star hotel standard!

Quencher (RM12.50)
Paradiso Café and Parisserie serves many types of quencher which is refreshing, peferct for the sweet tooth. 
Bubble Gum - Mango juice with peach lychee and green apple.
Lime Mistic - Lime juice with green apple and blue lagoon.
Cooler Paradiso - Apple Juice with green apple, lychee blood orange and mint.
Pink Panther - Cranberry juice with strawberry and peach.
Cranberry Mint - Cranberry juice with lychee and mint.
Sparkling Kiwi Granite - Lime juice with kiwi lychee and green apple.

Last but not least, I like that Chef Azizan decorated the plate beautifully with edible flowers. It made us feel happy even by just looking at the dishes. I would go back for more for sure.

Paradiso Café and Patisserie Address
D-GF-09, Block D, Sunway Nexis,
No 1, Jalan PJU 5/1,
Kota Damansara,
48710 Petaling Jaya.

Business hours: Sat to Thu 11am - 11pm
Fri 3pm – 11pm

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/paradisocafemalaysia

Note: Sunway Nexis is having Free car park as of 15 Nov 2015.


Henry Lee said...

Oh it's near my old place. Food looks good but price a lil tad expensive eh~

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Oh well, good things come with a price :)

Miriam said...

Wow charcoal bread bowl! That's certainly something different from other restaurants!


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