Transform Fats into Firmness with LIERAC Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate

Thanks to 30 years of research and development, LIERAC Laboratories have acquired renowned expertise in the body contouring field and now adds a NEW GENERATION anti-cellulite treatment to their range of major innovations for iconic slimming care products. LIERAC Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate is an ultra-sensuous, fresh and vanishing texture enriched with wheat proteins for immediate skin smoothing.

Contrary to popular opinion, cellulite is not linked to obesity as it can also occur in slim women. Cellulite affects 90% of women, being a secondary sexual characteristic that is uniquely female. Found mainly on the hips, thighs and buttocks, cellulite results from the increase in the volume of fat cells in the hypodermins.
LIERAC Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate simultaneous DOUBLE TRANSFORMATION of ADIPOCYTES for reinforced anti-cellulite effectiveness:
  • The LIERAC patented WTB SYSTEM® transforms « white » adipocytes into « brown » adipocytes that are easily eliminated.
  • LIPO-REVERSE® transforms adipocytes into skin-firming cells.
An ALL-ROUND BODY-CONTOURING formula that helps correct all the visible signs associated with stubborn cellulite: orange peel skin, loss of firmness, water retention, and that helps improve skin quality. 
Effectiveness measured after 14 days*.
  • The appearance of cellulite and orange peel skin is diminished 100%**
  • Body-contouring effect on the hips and thighs 96%**
  • Skin appears firmer 93%**
    Study conducted with 29 women
    *Clinical study with instrumental measures after 14 days
    **Self-assessment at 56 days 
LIERAC Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate contains 2% patented WTB SYSTEM® (sacred lotus – white willow – biotechnological peptide), 12,5% LIPO-REVERSE® (10% active caffeine + 2,5% glaucine complex) and 1% elder extract<="" ul="">

Gently massage into problem areas once or twice per day on hips, thighs, buttocks. Its gel cream texture absorbed into skin very quickly and left tightness feeling around my hips, buttocks and thighs. I love its subtly spicy blackcurrant fragrance that reveals femininity thanks to a harmony of iris, rose and jasmine. 
I have used it for a month now; and I see visible results. My cellulite and orange peel skin has decreased and my lower body skin is firmer now.
LIERAC Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate is recommended for stubborn cellulite combined with orange peel skin, loss of firmness and water retention.

Originated from France, LIERAC Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate 200ml is selling at RM 220. It is available at Robinsons The Garden Mall, selected Sephora stores and online on &

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